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Art and Craft

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Arrange flowers and petals in a design on contact paper to create a stained glass effect.
Children can collect flowers and leaves to pound to make colourful prints.
Children can develop their fine motor skills, explore colour micing and experiment with new media.
Make your own sparkly fireworks for festivals and celebrations!
Children can create these pumpkins as part of Halloween celebrations.
This Halloween, create a monster wreath to hang in the room. Materials Need: Paper plate cotton balls black paper (cut into small circles to fit onto the cotton balls) white cardboard (cut into triangles as teeth) Paint Yellow cardboard scissors…
Create a spooky ghost using cotton balls for Halloween.
Create these "friendly" skeletons for Halloween.
A fun activity for children to collage their name and get to know each other.
For children who are beginning to learn to write their names, this experience is a great way for children to practice writing their name with natural materials.
A simple and cute way for children to create to give to loved ones to celebrate Father's Day.
For Valentine's Day, using a child's handprints and footprints you can let other's know they are loved.
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