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Bored of trying a lot of finger and palm print crafts? Then this one is for you! If you haven’t tried a footprint craft yet this footprint heart craft is the one you must try. It’s such a simple idea…
This wonderful activity which involves the salt dough preparation and then making of flowers using them and then making magnets with these flowers is very interesting. Though a long process, children will enjoy doing it for their mothers. To start…
This wonderful craft using salt dough is the best creative and useful gift that the kids could make and gift their mothers this Mother’s Day. They can be used to keep tiny objects like rings or keys or some other…
This is a great activity that can be made simply with paper. It’s an excellent activity to teach the tripod grasp to the kids. The tripod grasp involves the action fingers alone i.e. the thumb, the pointer and the middle…
Create a rainy cloud using cotton wool and blow painting as the rain drops.
Children will enjoy creating these sparkly winter paintings using paint, glue and salt.
Children can use their creativity to draw a picture on a plate for their loved one.
Children can create a beautiful unique mug to gift to a loved one.
A colourful flower pot that is easy for children to create as a gift for special occasions.
Using straws, children can create splatter patterns while blowing liquid watercolours on paper. Fun and simple for all!
Children will enjoy blowing bubbles, watching them pop onto paper to make their own bubble art!
Pop balloons filled with paint to create unique colourful splatter art.
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