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For Educators working as an ECT (with a university degree) within a service, your rate of pay will come from the Educational Service Teachers Award, 2010. The following article "Early Childhood Teachers (ECT) Award Wages in Australia" includes a wage table and provides you with information on minimum wages, details of level structure, progression to the next level, director allowance…
The following article provides information on the fundamental cognitive milestones of brain development (6 months to 2 years), nature or nurture in brain development, the importance of nutrition in brain development and activities to promote brain development.
For students wanting to complete Certificate 3 in Education and Care Qualification through online study, the following lists are registered training organisations (RTOs) that offer online study.
The following provides information on Intentional Teaching Definition, Intentional Teaching Strategies, Intentional Teaching Examples and Benefits Of Intentional Teaching.
The article provides information on What Active Listening Is, Active Listening Definition, Active Listening Skills Examples and more.
The following article provides the different stages of children's artistic development from 0-to 14 years.
The following article lists the characteristics of an activity that makes it Montessori.
The EYLF has defined literacy as the “capacity, confidence and disposition to use language in all its forms.
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