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A tasty art activity using jelly.
Use ice to paint with in this activity.
Use simple kitchen ingredient 'Table Salt' as part of your Art n Craft experience. Add water colour or food colouring to the salt to create a new medium for children to experience and paint with or to create a work…
Create a spider web painting using string.
A great way to observe the different textures of leaf and flowers through print.
Using a child's handprints create this cute craft for Valentine's Day to give to families.
Using cut pieces of paper, children can spread love to their loved ones on Valentines Day.
A simple and cute earring stand for children to make for Mother's Day.
A colourful flower pot that is easy for children to create as a gift for special occasions.
This wonderful activity which involves the salt dough preparation and then making of flowers using them and then making magnets with these flowers is very interesting. Though a long process, children will enjoy doing it for their mothers. To start…
Children can use their creativity to draw a picture on a plate for their loved one.
Using salt dough children can make this easy gift for Valentine's Day. They can be used to keep tiny objects like rings or keys or some other nick-nacks.
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