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You need to have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (minimum version 8.1) installed on your computer in order to open these templates. Adobe Reader is a free application that allows you to view and print PDF files. You can download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader from these links:

No. You will not be able to open these Templates PDF Files from iPads, Android / Windows Tablets or any Mobile Devices even if you have the latest Adobe Reader app installed. This is due to the limitations on these mobile devices. The Adobe Readers in mobile devices are only meant to open standard pdf files and doesnt have the full features required to open advanced pdf files like these templates. Hence you can only open it through the Adobe Readers available for laptops and desktops computers.

Although you might have the latest Adobe Reader version installed, you will still see the above error message when your browser tries to open the pdf template. This is because your browser will try to open the pdf files like any normal pdf file but it cannot understand how to display the contents. Hence it shows you this error message. To resolve this, you need to open the downloaded templates directly through your Adobe Reader instead of opening them through your internet browser. Read the FAQ below on 'How to download and open the files directly from your Adobe Reader'.

Unlike the standard pdf files that you commonly download on the internet, these Templates are advanced pdf forms build using XML architecture and Javascript. Therefore only the Desktop or Laptop version of Adobe Reader will be able to properly display the file contents. Any other pdf applications, mobile applications and browser plug-in will not be able to render the forms properly.

First, make sure that you are logged in. You will only be able to download the premium templates when you are logged in. If you are logged in and still unable to download the template, try logging out and logging back in again to make sure you have the updated permission and privilege active on your account (you only need to do this the first time after subscription payment). If the problem exists, please check your email inbox and your Spam folder to see if there are any email notifications requiring your attention. If you are able to download the files but unable to open it in your computer, please read the Troubleshoot Guides above and "How to download and open the files directly from my Adobe Reader?" FAQ below for more help. If you are still unable to resolve your problem, please use our Forum or Contact us for further support.

  • Go to the Download page.
  • When you download the file, right click on the download button and choose "Save Links As" on Firefox (or) "Download Linked File As" on Safari (or) “Save Target As” on Internet Explorer.
  • Save the file in a location on your computer.
  • Now minimize your browser and go to the folder location on your computer where you saved this file.
  • Double on the filename to open it directly using the default Adobe Reader program . This should now open the file through your Adobe Reader application instead of using the browser plug-in.

The print only version is used to print out and complete the templates by hand and the Fillable version can be completed by typing and adding photos directly into the forms from your computer or laptop. 

You would need to purchase the Business or Lifetime Subscription plan if you like to distribute these templates to multiple educators in your centre. Please read the plans details in our Subscribe page for more info.

The original file size for these Template forms are only around 1MB each which is pretty small. However, the final "saved" form's file size will change considerably since it depends on the size of each contents that you attach to these forms. For instance, a template can end up having a huge file size if you include photos that are too big or too large in filesize to these forms. Although the forms re-size these photos to a smaller size to fit the boxes, the original file size of these images still remains the same. Here is an example of how the file size of "saved and completed forms" will work:

If the size of 1 photo (say for example) is 3MB, then when you add 3 photos with 3MB size for each into this Learning story form (or any other template), then all of a sudden this form ends up being a massive 10MB file (1MB is the size of the Original File + 9MB due to adding 3 photos size of 3 MB each). 

So that's the reason why the file size becomes too large. Please read the next question for more info on 'How to reduce the filesize'.

If your completed form's filesize becomes too big, its usually due to the photos attached to it. You need to optimize the photos to a smaller size (less than 1MB for each photo if possible) using a photo editing software like Photoshop before including them to the templates. Once the photo size is reduced, the filesize will also reduce by a lot.

Yes. The font size for some text fields can be changed. To increase or decrease the font size, click on the "+" or "-" buttons next to "Font Size" on the form's control panel. The form's Control Panel is located at the bottom of the template pages. 

You need to have a Premium Subscription in order to download our Premium Templates.

The free templates are available for everyone and can be downloaded by all registered users in our site. The premium templates are available to download only to members with an active subscription and you need to be logged into your account to download these templates.

It takes considerable amount of time & planning to create and maintain these templates and hence by having subscription plans we are able to create a small revenue that enables us to spend more time in creating more templates as well as maintaining and supporting these templates.

You can purchase our Premium Subscription plan from our Subscribe page. You need to be a registered user before you can purchase the subscription plan. After the payment is completed, you will then have access to download all premium templates from this website for the entire period of your subscription.

Once you have a valid subscription your account will have the privilege to download all premium templates from this site without any restrictions. This will also include premium templates that we may be releasing in the future during your subscription period.

When you purchase Premium Subscription Plans on our website, you get 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or lifetime download access to our Premium templates depending on your plan. If your membership expires, you can still continue using our templates you had already downloaded during your subscription period but the download access to premium templates will stop. You can renew your subscription at any time you want via your Account Dashboard.

The main differences between these 4 plans are the subscription period and license. The Basic and Professional plans are for single educator use only. However, with the Business Plan you get 12 months subscription and Lifetime Plan gives you unlimited time along with the added benefit of commercial license which allows you to distribute the downloaded templates to upto 3 or 30 educators to use.

If you have an active subscription on Basic, Professional or Business plan and would like to upgrade your plan, you only need to pay the difference between the plans. You can upgrade or renew directly from your Account Dashboard. You will also receive a 20% discount when you upgrade your plan.

We accept all major Credit Cards or Paypal. You are not required to sign-up to Paypal to complete payment, though you may pay via your Paypal account if preferred. After your payment has been completed, you can log into EYLF Templates section in this website to start downloading premium templates.

No, we do not offer phone support. All our users are entitled to post any support requests to our Support Forum without limit, and may download any updates released during their subscription period. If you wish to contact us privately, you can use our Contact Us page to email us directly.

Sorry, since with digital good once they are downloaded they cannot be returned, unfortunately we do not offer a trial for our premium templates. However, if you would like to know if these templates will work on your computer before purchasing, we highly suggest you to try one of our free templates first since the premium templates works the exact same way and has the same System, Browser and Adobe requirements. If you are encountering issues, we recommend that you utilize our documentation or ask for assistance in our Support Forum where we will be happy to assist you. If you are still not satisfied, please do get in touch with us directly using the Contact Us page.

The logo field can be changed between "Square" or "Rectangle" depending on the dimension of your centre logo. Use the control panel at the bottom of the forms to change the centre logo dimensions.

  • Rectangle – The space allocated for this centre logo is: Width = 3.45in (258 px), Height: 0.6in (45 px).
  • Square – The space allocated for this centre logo is: Width = 1.4375in (107 px), Height: 1.1875in (89 px).

If you insert a centre logo from your computer, the image will be proportionally re-sized and automatically inserted inside this field. So, you don't need to manually re-size this image. Remember to switch between the "Square" or "Rectangle" dimension from the control panel of the forms to get a better quality based on your logo dimensions.

You will not be able to move the logo inside the box. The box outline or margin is just a guide and this border will not be printed. All images will be automatically re-sized when inserted and you won't need to stretch this image to these margins. 

To insert the centre logo, click on "Insert Centre Logo Here" area on the form. This will open a pop-up window where you can choose the centre logo image file located in your computer. When selected, the image will be re-sized and added to the form.

No, you don't have to insert a centre logo. This is your choice and if you don't want to insert your centre logo, simply click on "Clear Logo" button in the form template so it clears the default "Insert Centre Logo Here" image. In this case, when you finalize form, no centre logo will appear.

To insert photos to these documentations, simply click on "Click to insert photo here" option on the form. This will open a pop-up window where you can locate and choose the photos from your computer. When you select the photo, the photos will be re-sized and added to the form.

The photos can be of any size and they will automatically be re-sized proportionately to fit inside the given area. Horizontal (landscape) photos offer the best appearance when compared to the vertical (portrait) photos. 

Most of the standard image formats should work. It supports the following file formats:

  • Windows Bitmap (BMP)
  • Joint Photographic Experts Group variations (JPG)
  • Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)
  • Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
  • Tagged Image File (TIF)

If you see blank white space after inserting photos (or) if the document is not responding after inserting a photo, it could be due to the photo size being too large. In this case, try to minimize the size of the photos before inserting it to the forms.

Simply click on the image field to open the dialog box that allows you to import your photos from your computer. When Portrait photos are added to this photo field, the photos are automatically resized proportionately and added to the forms. These photos will also be auto-centered inside that box.

With the inserted image, you cannot rotate them within the template itself. You need to rotate the Photos using a photo editing software like Windows Photo Viewer or Photoshop before inserting to these Templates.

"Finalize button" is clicked to finalise the form and get it ready to print. So, once you have completed filling out the template and when you are ready to print, you then click on "Finalize" Button on the form. This will then finalize this form by hiding all the buttons, borders and other interactive menus on the form and prepare a clear printable version of this documentation.

You will no longer be able to edit the form once you finalize it by clicking on this button. So, please make sure that you make all the editing before you click on this button.

Printing a form is a 2 step process. The first step is finalizing the form and getting ready to print and the second step is printing them. Once you have completed filling out the required fields, click on the "Finalize" Button first. Now the "Finalize" button will then change to "Print Form" button. Click this Print button to print out the form.

You can print these forms in whatever paper size you would like. To print these forms in A4 size, postcard size or other paper sizes, simply click on "Print Form" button to open up the "Printing options" screen and here you can set the page / paper size to your needs. In the end select "Fit to Printable Area" found under "Page Scaling" setting to resize the form template to your default paper size.

If you just want to print the form and write-in the required fields, then you can do the following:

  • Open the form.
  • Clear the centre logo by clicking on the "Clear Logo" button.
  • Determine how many rows you require and Add (or) Delete rows depending on your needs (only applies to dynamic elements like Curriculum Plan sheets).
  • Click on the "Finalize form" button to hide the buttons and menus (you will not need these buttons if you are just going to complete them by writing).
  • Click on "Print Form" button to print it out.

This usually happens when the filesize is too large. It is common for a lot of email server settings not allowing to attach huge files in emails and shows the above error message. In these cases, you need to reduce the filesize before you can attach them in your email. Read "How to minimize the file size" question above for more info on how to reduce the completed forms filesize.

You cannot edit or view these Templates pdfs in a "preview" mode or from other pdf viewers. This also includes "Apple Preview". You need to download the attached file and open it directly through your Adobe Reader to view its contents. Please read "How to download and open the files directly from my Adobe Reader" above for more info.

The attached file will have the same system requirements and limitations as the original form. In order to open these attachments, parents need to download and open this file from their Adobe Reader in a Desktop or Laptop. It cannot be opened in Mobiles or browser plugins. If the problem continues, please refer to the troubleshooting steps above which addresses all common issues. If you would like an alternative solution to this problem, please read "How can I email these forms for parents using their ipads or mobile devices" question below.

These forms will not be viewable from iPads, Tablets or Mobile devices. The suggested solution for this problem is to Print the completed form, scan it, and then email this scanned image to the parents instead of emailing the original completed form. Parents will then be able to open these scanned images from any devices and it will also reduce the filesize considerably.

You only need to have an internet access to download the files from this site. Once its saved, you can then open and edit the files even without internet connection.

If you don't have internet access at work, then you can download this form beforehand from home or somewhere you have internet access and save a copy on your computer or USB drive. You can later open this file and do the required editing at work or from another computer. Once downloaded and saved, you would no longer need the internet access to use these templates.

Yes. Since the EYLF Templates open up as a pdf document in Adobe Reader, the spell check function is part of Adobe Readers functionality.

  1. Go to your desktop and right click your mouse. Select New, then Shortcut.
  2. When you click Shortcut, a new pop up window will open. Here copy and paste this url under "Type the Location of the item" - URL:
  3. Click Next.
  4. Type in the name of the shortcut e.g. EYLF Templates or Aussie Childcare Network or whatever you want.
  5. Click Finish. - Thats it. You have now created a shortcut to your desktop screen. 

All completed forms that you save are only saved on your computer and no children information or centre information that you might have completed on these forms are stored online.

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