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Children can practice their cutting skills by making this hedgehog.
Children can practice cutting in straight lines while creating the lion's mane.
Encourage children to practice their scissor skills by making this simple dandelion.
Help children develop their scissor skills with this simple activity.
Simply use pipe cleaners and beads to make this fun counting activity.
Children can have fun counting fingers on simple gloves.
Develop children's recognition of numbers through this simple activity.
Add letters to Duplo, for children to practise spelling their name.
Have children identify the letters in their name for them to spell using pegs.
Salt can be used to encourage children to write their names, also a great sensory experience.
Thumbprint Heart Glass Magnets are an easy craft that children can make for Valentine's Day. A great keepsake for families.
One of the easiest and most efficient gifts to give Dads, Grandpa, Brother, Uncles and all father figures in a child's life is a key ring. Almost everyone carries keys with them and key rings are a simple touch to…
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