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A simple activity that strengthens children's finger muscles as they peel tape off animals.
An easy and fun way for babies to practice their fine motor and hand/eye coordination skills by grabbing and pulling items through a kitchen whisk. Materials Needed Silicone Kitchen whisk pompoms What to do: Fill pompoms into the kitchen whisk.…
Edible and safe beads, mixed with slime that a child can squeeze, pound, pinch the beads within the slime.
 Waterproof sand that reacts to liquid, enabling children to build underwater creations.
Using just 2 ingredients make this simple pretend snow that children can enjoy during sensory play.
Soft and mouldable sand for children.
Use coloured hair ties for children to begin to recognise and understand patterns and hand/eye coordination.
This simple activity will enable children to develop patterns and to practice colours.
Children will learn about shapes and geometry through pattern blocks, that can be used during rest time.
A simple activity that reinforces basic concepts such colour matching, patterning that can be used during quiet time.
This is a great introduction to get children into understanding the lifecycle of plants, how they grow and looking after them.
Create this delicate rainbow crystal garden.
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