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Parents may be barred from hitting their children after a study found that physical punishment increased the chance of anxiety.
Animal rights activist group PETA, has written to Lego, requesting that their new farm toy set be rebranded as an "animal sanctuary."
The Australian Reptile Park has developed a new experience, Inclusive Kids 2 Keeper is a brand-new zookeeper experience, modified to be inclusive and accessible for children ages 7-18 who are living with a disability. This experience will give children with…
Take children to follow an illuminated trail and discover giant animal lanterns and light sculptures, a twinkling light tunnel, neon 7NEWS Angel Wings and a Secret UV Safari.
A mum was attacked for handing out lunch boxes at her daughter's party and got called out for being gender discriminative.
A six-year-old little boy becomes seriously injured after being attacked by two Wallabies, in Cairns. The boy has a serious wound on his head. Apart from the head, he has several injuries in his leg, chin, and torso.
Is Peppa Pig your child's favourite? Then bring your child to meet Peppa Pig in an interactive adventure at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium & WILDLIFE Sydney Zoo. Mark the date quickly if you do not want to miss it. These…
The new Disney movie Turning Red was released on 11th March 2022 and ignites controversies about its acceptability to children. The film has puberty and menstrual periods related hints and talks which seem inappropriate to some parents whereas some parents…
Until April 29th, Darling Square is going to be home to Hello Kitty Town. Featuring one of Australia’s one of largest festivals known as Sanrio art exhibitions that are also held in the precinct. The features, atmosphere, and decorations are…
With the increasing rate of obesity in Australia, the Australian Government has taken a few strategies to reduce the overwhelming inclination of the public to consumption of junk foods. The junk food giants such as m&m, Mac Donald, Toucan Sam,…
It is said that after a new study that children who are born through artificial technology such as IVF, are more successful or get some advantages in terms of quality of life than the children born in a natural process.
If your child enjoys watching movies! Here are 10 new intriguing, dazzling, fascinating, and riveting movies for children that are releasing this year!
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