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Using a child's handprints create this cute craft for Valentine's Day to give to families.
A simple and cute way for children to create to give to loved ones to celebrate Valentine's Day.
For Valentine's Day, using a child's handprints and footprints you can let other's know they are loved.
Use forks to create these simple fireworks.
Let's celebrate with these spectacular colourful fireworks! Easy to make and it's messy and fun!
Celebrate the new year with this easy to do handprint craft and poem.
Create a colourful friendship quilt using coloured paper and a variety of different materials.
A great medium for children to paint with that dries puffy and raised.
An easy winter craft by creating a paper plate polar bear. Watch polar bear spin around and round as you hold it in your hand or give it a gentle blow.
Celebrate winter with children experimenting with colour blending, with these easy to make snowflakes that can be hung around the room or stuck on a window.
A simple craft for all the children to participate in to create a hanging autumn leaf mobile.
Using natural materials found in the garden during autumn, create these cute and simple stick people. Great for creativity and open-ended learning.
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