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A calm down box has a variety of sensory tools that a child is encouraged to use when they are feeling frustrated, intense anger and big emotions.
Children develop their fine motor skills when they use their smaller muscles in the hands, fingers, and wrists.
The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), has developed a set of free resources that enables young children to understand science.
Yoga is one form of practise which includes breath control and specific body postures (asanas), that provides a range of physical, spiritual and mental relaxation.
Pretend play is very important for children's development and learning. In the house corner, children can take on and try out roles from familiar family scenes, the local community's experiences and imaginative fantasies.
Outdoor play is enjoyable for children and important for their growth and development.
Blocks are open-ended play materials; there is no right or wrong way to build with them.
When children apply paint to paper, glue things together, or pound a lump of clay, they experiment with colour, shape design and texture.
ABC Kids has a range of free content for Early Childhood Educators to use with children which aligns with early childhood pedagogy and the national approved learning frameworks.
Letterland is a system for teaching children basic literacy skills on how to read, how to write and how to spell using a story-based approach.
ANZAC Day is commemorated on 25th April. Learning about ANZAC Day helps young children to understand the life and times of Australia and its people. Storybooks about Anzac Day that is specifically aimed at children may make it easier for…
Virtual excursions enable children to visit and discover places all over the world virtually. Visit countries across the globe, famous monuments and even planets and engage children in experiences that they wouldn't get to see otherwise.
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