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A great way to recycle cereal boxes and have children create themselves using recycled materials.
A simple and bright activity for children to develop their sense of belonging within the early childhood environment.
A fun activity for children to collage their name and get to know each other.
A simple craft activity to start off the new year, for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.
A special way for preschool friends to say goodbye to each other.
A simple craft for children to "wave goodbye" to the end of the year.
Create colourful soaked prints using a paper towel and watercolours.
Create colourful patterns from watercolour drips!
Turn mini baking soda volcanoes into works of art.
Creating colourful prints by soaking crepe paper with water.
Easy to make fingerpaints using ingredients around the house.
Editable paint that babies and toddlers can enjoy to use while painting.
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