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Children will enjoy banging wooden spoons to watch the paint splatter to create works of art.
Arrange flowers and petals in a design on contact paper to create a stained glass effect.
A great way to observe the different textures of leaf and flowers through print.
Children can collect flowers and leaves to pound to make colourful prints.
A great way to recycle cereal boxes and have children create themselves using recycled materials.
A simple and bright activity for children to develop their sense of belonging within the early childhood environment.
A fun activity for children to collage their name and get to know each other.
A simple craft activity to start off the new year, for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.
A special way for preschool friends to say goodbye to each other.
A simple craft for children to "wave goodbye" to the end of the year.
Create colourful soaked prints using a paper towel and watercolours.
Create colourful patterns from watercolour drips!
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