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Bored of trying a lot of finger and palm print crafts? Then this one is for you! If you haven’t tried a footprint craft yet this footprint heart craft is the one you must try. It’s such a simple idea…
A cute hands poster to show how much dad or mum is loved. A good activity for Father's Day or Mothers Day!
Celebrate Father's Day with this super simple craft activity with this paper plate necktie. Easy for babies and toddlers to create, fathers can wear their "unique" tie on Father's Day. Children can decorate, paint and create their very own special…
Nature art see-through frames are a simple and creative art experience that enables children to create frames to view their natural environment.
Leaf printing is an easy art experience for young children to engage in. It's a great way for young children to discover patterns, lines, and colours of different leaves.
Using recycled plastic bottles, these leaf lanterns are mess free and showcase the colours and shapes of different types of leaves around us.
This is an excellent idea for children to create a keepsake of natural leaves they have collected from different types of trees.
Recycle roll on deodorant bottles for this art activity.
A tasty art activity using jelly.
Use ice to paint with in this activity.
Use simple kitchen ingredient 'Table Salt' as part of your Art n Craft experience. Add water colour or food colouring to the salt to create a new medium for children to experience and paint with or to create a work…
Create a spider web painting using string.
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