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Moon sand is a sensory experience that enables children to mould sand in different shapes. The 2 ingredient moon sand is a quick and easy recipe that children will have fun engaging in.
Children can create a beautiful unique mug to gift to a loved one.
Explore liquid density by creating a firework effect in a jar with this simple activity.
Children will be excited to see how the colours transform overtime as the water moves from one glass to another.
Nutella Banana Muffins are a tasty sweet treat that is easy to prepare and combine banana and Nutella.
Banana and Nutella Pops is a very simple 2 ingredient ice cream that children will enjoy on a hot summer day.
Easily grow 9 kinds of vegetables in water indoors using vegetable offcuts. Children will enjoy the anticipation, curiosity and interest while growing their own vegetables. The following article lists vegetables that grow in water indoors.
These No Bake Healthy Nutella Crispy Treats are simple and quick to make. They combine oats and rice bubbles with gooey Nutella making a nutritious chocolaty snack.
Bee Bee Bumble Bee Can you sing your name for me? My Name is____________________ (Repeat) Alternate Lyrics: Bee Bee Bumble Bee Can you sing your name for me? I wonder what your name is, Your name is __________ Hints and…
A very simple song for children to learn the names of their friends and to feel a sense of belonging within the group.
This nonsense song is a great way for children to begin to learn rhyming with their own names.
When all the cows were sleepingAnd the sun had gone to bedUp jumped the scarecrowAnd this is what he said I'm a dingle, dangle scarecrowWith a flippy floppy hatI can shake my hands like thisAnd shake my feet like that…
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