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A messy and fun process art experience for children using a funnel.
Children will enjoy creating these sparkly winter paintings using paint, glue and salt.
 Waterproof sand that reacts to liquid, enabling children to build underwater creations.
Using just 2 ingredients make this simple pretend snow that children can enjoy during sensory play.
Create a rainy cloud using cotton wool and blow painting as the rain drops.
A great way for children to experiment with colour mixing and to discuss the density of water and oil.
Children can create their own jellyfish and learn about these fascinating sea creatures.
Move the bottle to create ocean waves, just like out in the deep blue sea.
An easy and colourful science experiment that demonstrates to children how rain is produced.
Hot chocolate oobleck is a great sensory experience that children will enjoy playing with.
This easy chia goop sensory play experience is great for infants and toddlers who like to put everything in their mouths.
A great medium for children to paint with that dries puffy and raised.
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