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Silly Sounds

Silly sounds get sillierWhen you hear them once againAnd maybe...

Rhymes and Songs Sep 20, 2018

Child Found Needle Inside Their Banana A…

A child from St Pauls Gateshead Primary School, Newcastle, discovered...

Childcare News Sep 20, 2018

Boom Chicka Boom

I Said A Boom Chicka Boom! (repeat) (Sway your hips...

Rhymes and Songs Sep 19, 2018

Free Aboriginal Language Story Apps

With the support of key Wurundjeri Elders, the Victorian Aboriginal...

Childcare News Sep 18, 2018

Trainee wage
20.09.2018, 19:14 by Nadir1 (16 replies)

Professional Development Plan For 12 Months
20.09.2018, 15:28 by Gamze (5 replies)

Inclusion support position
17.09.2018, 23:16 by Lorina (3 replies)

study buddy
17.09.2018, 23:12 by Lorina (2 replies)

17.09.2018, 11:38 by tyfleets1 (no replies)

16.09.2018, 22:02 by Lorina (1 reply)

Qualifications required
16.09.2018, 19:47 by Lorina (1 reply)

Supervising and Engaging With Children During...
16.09.2018, 19:42 by Lorina (4 replies)

16.09.2018, 11:08 by wimble (2 replies)

DIV001 - Help
15.09.2018, 11:47 by mollietrajkovic (4 replies)

Child Weekly

Preparing Kids For Adulthood With $30 Million Mini Mock Up…

Melbourne Eastern Suburbs is preparing for a new attraction for children. A state of the art "mini-city" designed to prepare kids for adulthood. Children can choose from 80 different professions to manage the city which has its own airport, fire station, hospital and race track. KidsMondo is an indoor attraction, with...

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Incorporating Practical Life Activities Into The Curriculum

Based on the Montessori approach, Practical Life activities are everyday life experiences that a child may observe adults complete in their daily routine. These activities give the child a sense of belonging as they gain knowledge to accomplish life skills in a purposeful way.

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