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Celebrate National Tree Day On The 26th …

National Tree Day, combined with Schools Tree Day, 26th and...

Childcare News Jul 17, 2019

Icy Cold Snow Paint

A great medium for children to paint with that dries...

Art and Craft Jul 16, 2019

Childcare Service Allowing Children To L…

At a Fitzroy childcare service, children are encouraged in risky...

Childcare News Jul 15, 2019

Snow Dough

A winter sensory dough using only 2 ingredients! Encourage children...

Games and Activities Jul 15, 2019

Scenario 4
Yesterday, 20:52 by SNS (no replies)

i need an advice on GoodStart interview
17.07.2019, 21:27 by sarj (10 replies)

CHCECE010 - Ethical Dilemmas
17.07.2019, 18:24 by SNS (2 replies)

I'm new here
17.07.2019, 17:28 by Lorina (2 replies)

16.07.2019, 16:56 by Lorina (1 reply)

Life Cycle of Plants
16.07.2019, 15:49 by jamessmithjohn (1 reply)

Children's Day and World Indigenous Persons...
16.07.2019, 12:31 by AMH (1 reply)

15.07.2019, 14:52 by Lorina (2 replies)

15.07.2019, 14:50 by Lorina (1 reply)

CHCDIV001 Work with diverse people
15.07.2019, 14:47 by Lorina (3 replies)

Child Weekly

Children Allowed To Light Fires In Childcare Services

At a Fitzroy childcare service, children are encouraged in risky play and preschoolers are lighting fires in outdoor fire pits. 5-year-old Remy, strucks a match and ignites a scrunched up piece of newspaper in the outdoor fire pit. A couple of years ago, the early childhood service introduced fire to the children...

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