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Vaccinations Should Be Mandatory For Edu…

Even though Australia has high vaccination levels, there has been...

Childcare News Jun 18, 2019

I Play I Grow I Achieve

This template can be used as a half-yearly/yearly report of...

Child Portfolios Jun 17, 2019

2 Hours Per Week Programming Time Mandat…

For Educators responsible for the developmental program of children it...

Childcare News Jun 13, 2019

Oil Spills In The Ocean

Teach children about how oil spills happen, their effects on...

Games and Activities Jun 11, 2019

need help with the interview questions
Today, 12:22 by rgamage (8 replies)

Yesterday, 15:06 by Lorina (3 replies)

Missing Programming Time During The Week
Yesterday, 15:01 by Lorina (13 replies)

QUESTIONS about Family Daycare
16.06.2019, 20:17 by Butterflyblue (8 replies)

Childcare Award Wages: Classification Levels...
16.06.2019, 20:16 by Butterflyblue (37 replies)

Telling the time
13.06.2019, 18:28 by star-little (no replies)

Can we leave a trainee alone supervising...
11.06.2019, 03:47 by Lorina (1 reply)

Bach qualified in OSHC
11.06.2019, 03:40 by Lorina (3 replies)

CHCDIV001 Work with diverse people
11.06.2019, 03:29 by Lorina (1 reply)

Pay Rate For Educator Currently Studying...
10.06.2019, 00:42 by Lorina (9 replies)

Child Weekly

Educators Should Be Vaccinated and Immunisations Kept Updated

Even though Australia has high vaccination levels, there has been a high volume of measles outbreaks throughout Australia. The main culprits being unvaccinated people, spreading this highly infectious disease. Services are mandated to keep immunisations records and certificates for all children across the centre with the government also implementing a "no...

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Policy Development In Early Childhood Settings

Policies are an important part of an early childhood setting. They are a legal requirement that identifies and minimise risks of various tasks and responsibilities demonstrated by Educators and provide information for families of how situations are handled.

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