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QKLG Framework Updated For 2019

The Queensland Kindgerten Learning Guidelines (QKLG) has been revised for...

Childcare News Mar 20, 2019

Peace Is The Way

There is a way that we can live and peace...

Rhymes and Songs Mar 18, 2019

Hello To All The Children Of The World

Hello, Bonjour, Buenos Dias!Gday, Guten - Tag, KonichiwaCiao, Shalom, Do-Brey...

Rhymes and Songs Mar 14, 2019

Colours Of Australia

I spy with my little eyeBlue and grey and green.Open...

Rhymes and Songs Mar 13, 2019

CHCDIV001 work with diverse people
Yesterday, 17:11 by lashai6 (3 replies)

health and safety assignment
19.03.2019, 22:58 by An Educator (5 replies)

CHCDIV002 - Strategies To Support Children...
18.03.2019, 15:38 by Lorina (3 replies)

HLTWHS003 - Six Model Codes Of Practice
17.03.2019, 23:03 by Iloveu88 (10 replies)

CHCDIV002 Promote Aboriginal and/or Torres...
17.03.2019, 22:47 by alkasharma (2 replies)

Assignment question.
17.03.2019, 22:14 by PriyaCT3 (3 replies)

CHCPR303D - Completing Child Observations
16.03.2019, 17:34 by australia (4 replies)

Re: interview questions
14.03.2019, 19:36 by aborra (3 replies)

Activities For Babies
14.03.2019, 18:21 by peterclark (7 replies)

Laptop Games For Children
14.03.2019, 18:20 by peterclark (2 replies)

Child Weekly

Revised Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines For 2019

The Queensland Kindgerten Learning Guidelines (QKLG) has been revised for implementation in 2019. Kindergarten teachers in approved and funded services will now implement the updated QKLG. The QKLG provides advice for planning, interacting with children, monitoring and assessing, and sharing information in kindergarten contexts. It describes a set of five learning...

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Intentional Teaching Examples In QKLG

Intentional Teaching examples are provided for each key focus and significant aspect of learning.

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