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Hurry Hurry Drive The Fire Truck

Hurry, hurry, drive the fire truckHurry, hurry, drive the fire...

Rhymes and Songs Jan 19, 2020

10 Little Firefighters

Ten little firefightersSleeping in their beds. "Ding" went the bell,And down...

Rhymes and Songs Jan 18, 2020

I'm A Little Firefighter

I'm a little firefighter on the go. Here is my...

Rhymes and Songs Jan 16, 2020

Name Tags

This template enables educators to create name tags for children...

Forms and Checklists Jan 13, 2020

examples for different areas
Yesterday, 18:17 by nar2706 (no replies)

Early Years Learning Framework Creative Thinking...
Yesterday, 16:28 by nar2706 (no replies)

Advice for starter for diploma of Early childhood...
18.01.2020, 19:46 by Mare (2 replies)

Importance Of Community As A Source Of Knowledge
18.01.2020, 14:17 by N.C (9 replies)

Assessment for provider approval and HELP!
18.01.2020, 12:11 by veenus45 (20 replies)

Back pay question.
18.01.2020, 12:04 by veenus45 (2 replies)

Changing institutions
17.01.2020, 11:28 by giogio84 (3 replies)

Educators to child ratios- Are they correct?
17.01.2020, 10:50 by neelavp (no replies)

What is a cloth book?
16.01.2020, 16:31 by shrikrishna (no replies)

Returning to Work
16.01.2020, 13:05 by Ek39 (no replies)

Child Weekly

Free Creativity Resources For Educators and Teachers

ARTS:LIVE is offering free resources for Educators which include 15 transition songs for Educators to use within their daily routine, a craft puppet show on making Cloud Child Dolls and "Too Many Cheeky Dogs - an award-winning book brought o life. These resources feature songs, videos and animations to spark children’s...

Recent Articles

Teaching Children About Bushfires

With the catastrophic bushfires happening in and around Australia it’s only natural that children will begin to ask questions about what they are seeing and hearing. Some children may also feel scared and anxious. As Educators, we can reassure children, answer their questions and teach children about bushfires.

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