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2 Hours Per Week Programming Time Mandat…

For Educators responsible for the developmental program of children it...

Childcare Programming May 14, 2021

Join National Simultaneous Storytime On …

National Simultaneous Storytime, held on Wednesday 19th May. It is...

Childcare News May 14, 2021

Free Webinar - Professional Development …

Professional Development is a legislative requirement for all care professionals...

Childcare News May 12, 2021

Top Drop

Children drop bottle tops into slots around the tin to...

Games and Activities May 12, 2021

Teacher award and not childcare award...
09.05.2021, 07:10 by Sheshek (5 replies)

How long to be counted as “qualified”
08.05.2021, 16:09 by Lorina (4 replies)

advice on group interview
08.05.2021, 15:58 by Lorina (1 reply)

Number of educators
08.05.2021, 15:56 by Lorina (3 replies)

When casuals have a right to say no
07.05.2021, 00:43 by Butterflyblue (4 replies)

New business
07.05.2021, 00:40 by Butterflyblue (2 replies)

Assessment for provider approval and HELP!
06.05.2021, 12:33 by Sonya Singh (121 replies)

28.04.2021, 17:19 by AnneR (1 reply)

Free resources for teaching my daugher at...
27.04.2021, 20:53 by AnneR (5 replies)

Help deciding between Level 4 or Preschool...
26.04.2021, 00:22 by AudryAue (5 replies)

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2 Hours Per Week Programming Time Mandatory For Educators

For Educators responsible for the developmental program of children it is mandatory that you are entitled to 2 hours per week of non-contact time to complete your documentation.

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