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How do I decorate a quiet book for children?
Quiet books can be made for children of all ages. we have seen books for babies with fun, contrasting imagery as well as books for older children...

Culture Learning: Mid-Autumn Festival
Saturday, 10 September, 2022 is the mid-autumn festival.
Getting together with family members to watch the full moon, and eating the delicious Chinese...

Interview Questions
There is a load of common questions that can be asked by an employer. Some of those are:
Can you tell me more about yourself?
What prompted you...

Early Childhood Teacher interview
Answer for question number 1, according to me:
I always organize the day by priorities. Strategically, I plan homework assignments that I have to...

Asked to work while sickness
First of all, congratulations that you are going to be a mom soon!! I am really sorry to hear that you are going into a tough situation. It is really...

Violent children
Yes, I can totally understand that how much you might have been passed through before you are thinking about your and other children's safety. But...

advice on group interview
Some general tips for group interviews:
Conduct Due Diligence on Interviewer(s)
Greet Both Interviewers and Candidates Individually.
Be Friendly,...

Is it age appropriate to incorporate scissors in the experiences for children under 2?
2-year-olds should be able to start using scissors to make snips on paper. Between the ages of 1.5 to 2 years old, a child learns to hold scissors,...

need help for childcare trainee interview
Some general tips for making you prepared for the interview are:
Dress professionally.
Be prepared with interview materials.
Prepare for the daycare's...

Misconception that Childcare is just a babysitting service
Childcare services are not the same as babysitting. The first one comes with so many rules, laws and regulations. People misunderstand as in both...

For each of the following principles from the Early Learning Years Framework (EYLF)
Evaluate the effectiveness of the simulated evacuation rehearsal or policy using the service evaluation procedure. Did the evacuation run smoothly and...

I need help with that
Hi im new here please i need help with that
How the universal declaration of humans rights affect eduators??
See if the following helps:

CHCECE004 - Legislative requirements
No problem! Happy to help!

CHCECE004 : Question
See if the following helps:
Healthy Menu Planning

CHCECE004 - Scenario question
What time does he have dinner?
What time is breakfast?
Does he have snacks in between?
What types of snacks does he have?
Hope this helps!

The following may help:
Supportive Learning Enviroment

Advanced Diploma in Community Sector Management
Hi Lorina
Thanks for your reply.
I am Ed Leader and 2IC where I am at the moment and thought doing the Adv Dip would give me more insight to the management...

CHCLEG001 Work legally and ethically - case study
The following information will help:
Don't Bite Back
Responding To Biting

CHCECE024 - Implementing A Curriculum Plan
Hey unsure if it's just me or not, but i can't get some of your links to open? trying to track down the effective curriculum plan link and it isn't working....

CHCECE022 - Promote children’s agency
hello there, need help in this question
You have identified some children who do not want to ‘push’ themselves to develop and learn; the role of the educator...

Selection Criteria - HELP!!
Hello Fiona,
Can you help me to answer this question., please!
Why is it so important that children have time when exploring their creativity? Provide...

How to rotate inserted photo in Learning Story Template
Thanks for the update!
Let me know if you need any further assistance!

Teacher Registration
For Teachers that do not require registration as an ECT the following provides information on the level, you will be starting on. From here as I understand,...

Recruiting FDC Educators
Twinkle Family day-care service is currently seeking Family Day Care Educators. We have been operating for 8 years and are looking to expand our team of...

Hello! I'm new here.
I am also new here I am just about to complete my diploma here and enjoyed my studies definitely recommend anyone who wants to change career paths. I have...

New business
Hi GSS82,
How far are u though the process now?

:sweating: :sweating: :sweating: hi I am new and I need help to explorer the page, some can help me

Journey Early Learning | Career Opportunities - QLD, VIC & NT
We are looking to bring on board knowledge, passionate and inspirational Early Childhood Professionals across our centres in Queensland, Victoria and the...

Community of practice for Cert III Childcare teachers
You can try on this forum itself... start a new topic and see if anyone connects with you... or social media you could find some groups.

Research on Care Workers - Participants Needed
Hey guys, I'm an honours psychology student from the Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP) doing a research project on perceptions of the Australian...

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