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Need advice asap- traineeship catch 22
can any one help me Iam stuck in this Question ?
1. Select three (3) strategies from the options below that you can use to ensure you show respect for...

Staff meeting
Thank you for your answer Lorina. I have something to think about now 😊

Need advice asap- traineeship catch 22
I was offered a traineeship role, but i am not sure whether to take it or not as they said if you quit in a certain amount of time, you have to pay them...

Focus children and focus outcome
I agree with you, focusing on one outcome per observation is not my favourite idea... especially when a child is engaged in a particular experience, they...

Assistant educator required to do planning?
Typically, assistants are used to help the room leaders in the planning. For some room leaders it can get a little overwhelming so helping them out with...

regulations and national law childcare
im currently studying my Diploma in Early childhood education and care
and have work due tomorow ive researched and am so stuck on this question...

Anyone from the Sunshine Coast?
Hi Lorina
Yes thats what I'm thinking too. Get my foot in the door doing some casual work. I will start the course, then start applying asap.
Do you know...

Paid training ?
You're welcome!

Get individual approval for CCS
Is it possible to start your own individual In Home Child Care Service in NSW and be able to get approved for CCS?
I want to work for my self and not go...

Handling incidents
There has been a few issues in our room and I know its no excuse to be cutting corners and mistakes do happen. And when they do, we have to improve...

Hi there
I am unsure if I am just tired and not seeing this but I cannot find where I am able to search through the forums using one or two words??

I'm also studying with Inspire and would love to start a facebook group. How can I find you? Happy to do email or something else too. Let me...

Hey can anybody help me with these questions?
Q1: List four relevant issues to be communicated concerning the sustainability policy.
Q2: Identify at least...

Assignment help
Children’s Education and Care National Law 2010 – Section 166; states that it is an offence to use inappropriate discipline. What would happen if a staff...

CHCDIV001 Community attitudes and structures of culture, language and workplace policies
I'm new to all this forum stuff. I'm currently completing my Cert 3 and i'm on assessment task 13.
My question to complete is the following;

I'm new to all this forum stuff. I'm currently completing my Cert 3 and i'm on assessment task 13.
My question to complete is the following;

CHCPRT001 - Scenario: Grace - Support and Reporting
Hi there,
i have recently joined your Aussie Children network and so like others even i need a little help from you. will really appreciate if you do....

CHCECE017 - Different Types Of Texts
those answere are good but my teacher also said i still need to do an interest

Breastfeeding flyer
Hi Guys,
Hoping for some help. I am studying through CELA and I need to do a flyer on preparing heating cleaning and storing breast milk. I was wondering...

Cert 3 - flyer for preparing, heating and cleaning bottles
Hi Guys,
I am doing my cert 3 and I need to do a flyer for preparing, heating, cleaning and storing breast milk.
Just wondering if anyone else has done...

Newchild care Fees-at 60 percent
Here is the information I have found:
How do hourly rate caps work?
If your service charges a daily fee, the hourly rate will be determined by dividing...

100% Authentic Aboriginal Learning Resources
Wakka Boy
Adrian Munro - Wakka Wakka Tribe
Find us on fb:

Safety carpark slogan
No problem Lorena!

Reactivating my Subscription?
Hi Miranda,
Thank you for your continued support to Aussie Childcare Network.
Regarding the payment for your subscription, are you able to do a bank transfer...

Market research study $80 for 1 hour
Paid Market Research for preschool teachers
$80 for 1 hour.
We are actively recruiting pre school teachers for an upcoming research session with the goal...

Forum trouble shooting
Yes you’re definitely able to post in the advertising forum.
I’m not sure why the new topic button has disappeared in this particular category.

Nationally Recognised Child Protection Unit only $110
Evolation Learning (RTO Code: 45219) is offering the opportunity for staff employed within Child Care and related fields to complete the nationally recognised...

What is the biggest confusion among the educators?
I am planning to start with child care industry. I would like to know what is/are the biggest confusion among the educators?
What are problems or frustrations...

Professional Development for Child protection
I was wonderıng how I can get through to you to ask my unıt questıons
As ı have been ın thıs websıte for morr tan 4 weeks and ı have not been...

Reporting Mouses
Well, it would need to be caught otherwise it's going to keep coming into the centre...
Have you tried catching it?
It's a health issue if it's leaving...

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