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Children don't listen
When I was starting out, I had a similar struggle. I found that being consistent and using positive reinforcement really helped. For instance, I used to...

I'm stuck on what to do
hi everyone I am struggling to find what this means or where I can find more information
list the early childhood development and learning links in the...

So, you were terminated on the spot because you forgot to change a child's nappy?
Has anything else happened? Have you been given any warnings prior to...

Overtime - Partime
It depends on the company policy. Generally, overtime pay is available. You should check with the HR department and get the information. 

Becoming A Provider of A Service
Hi Lorina,
I'm planning to apply for a provider approval for my Family Day Care. I have recently brought a ground floor apartment that has only one bathroom....

Assessment for provider approval and HELP!
Hi Everyone, I just sat my provider approval exam and completed it within time but throughout the exam, my video was visible in the little window that...

Working towards qualification
Did you find the answer?battleship online

I want to make display signs to welcome the children
I am looking for some free posters that I can use for different interest areas and I am glad I found your post where you have shared those links with us....

Issues with work
All good now?

Centre Manager Pay Rate
I had a meeting with management.
I was told I was not a "Director" but a "Nominated supervisor " because I don't undertake payroll, don't manage...

What are possible influences on Georgie’s behaviour? How would you react in this situation? Ensure you
consider Georgie’s age and your own ethics – regarding...

CHCECE018- Nurture creativity in children
For this, I can't find anything specific in the legislation I assume it has to do with Health Hygiene and Safe Food Practices.
You can find more information...

CHCPRT001 - Procedure & Responding To Suspected Abuse
Hi need help please
Q ) where can you find information from internally and externally in the workplace about how to deal with suspicion of child abuse?...

CHCECE053-Scenario help
I feel that respecting each family's cultural and individual diversity is important to creating a positive learning and development environment for children.That's...

Studying Bachelor Degree after Diploma
Hello everyone,
I am new to this forum. I have completed my Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC50113) and am enrolled in the Bachelor of...

Difference between a material and a resource?
You can post your question here
I am struggling with some questions and i was wondering if you could help me out a little
A parent of a...

Help with CHCECE041
Of course, I'd be happy to help you with your assessment. Start by researching the National Regulations related to health and safety in your workplace....

Workplace assessment
Choose a legal issue from here:
National Regulations

CHCECE055 - Legal Documents and Ethical Guidelines
I am impressed with the way the Australian government has established and implemented the NQF, including National Laws and National Regulations, to ensure...

CHCECE031 | Support children’s health, safety and wellbeing CHCECE032 | Nurture babies and toddlers Question
So, with Halal, it's all about respecting Islamic dietary laws, steering clear of stuff like pork and alcohol. If you don't follow it, you could end up...

I’m a parent and educator
This all comes down to ethics. However, I don't think it's necessary for you to delete personal contacts of parents that you have formed relationships...

New business
Hi all,
I am currently working in childcare in Vic and looking to start/buy a childcare business. I did a little research and found that I need to have...

Key Definitions and Principles Of ECA Code Of Ethics
This may help:
ECA Code Of Ethics

HELP! 5e_HLTWHS001- Participate in Workplace Health & Safety
Stuck on this question!

You're welcome!

See if the following helps: Facilitate Behaviour

not sure what to write
thank you so much that was so helpful :)
You're most welcome!

Approaches to Early Learning Project
What theories did you research?
This may help:
Theories In Practice

Vaporisers in baby sleep areas
Can anyone tell me if there is any regulation or rules against vaporisers being used in the sleep rooms of babies in early childhood?
Obviously it will...

becoming a teacher
Are transgenders allowed to become a teacher in Australia?

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