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Job Keeper Payment $1500 per fortnight
I'm running a Family Day Care centre.
My understanding was.
Normally we get paid 50% from Parents and 50% from the centerlink.
Now Parents pay 0%...

Information sheets
Hi Lorina, thanks for the tips. they are helpful

Program and Planning For Babies
Sorry to jump onto this question but i cant seem to find where i can post. Anyways, I have a question about developmental grow walls. At the start...

Are Casuals getting paid during forced lockdown?
You're welcome!

Are there any learning outcomes embedded within the EYLF and your chosen framework? If so, please list/identify...
Hi all !! im having some issues with a question on my assesment!
the question is: Are there any learning outcomes embedded within the EYLF and your chosen...

How do I decorate a quiet book for children?
Finished the first page of a quiet book!
The gift for my 3.5 year old, who will surely not appreciate it yet so I'll just play with it in the meantime...

Children run away when I try to discipline them
really helpful tips. thanks

Laptop Games For Children
I would say that children are more likely to experience gaming on a smartphone. The first thing my child reached for was my smartphone.
I am careful about...

QUESTIONS about Family Daycare
Hello Butterflyblue,
Thank you so much for the information you have been sharing on this forum. May I ask a question regarding the FD. As a registered...

Wage Help For Educational Leader Role
Hi all, just curious if anyone knows, I’m currently 70% through my diploma, running a room full time and educational leader for two centres and being paid...

A new care and education service is being designed. One of the designers thinks that the rooms should be quite dark so that children feel safe, as if they...

A new care and education service is being designed. One of the designers thinks that the rooms should be quite dark so that children feel safe, as if they...

CHCDIV002 - Promote Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultural safety
Q7: Policies and Procedures
Q8: Working With ATSI People
Q10: Pretty self-explanatory. Give me examples and Ill confirm if they are right.

CHC50113-Rights and responsibilities of workers employers and clients
This may help:
Rights and Responsibilities

Question 9.
Often people will generalise when talking about cultures - for example they might say that because a child is Aboriginal it is likely...

CHCECE009 - Examples Of Pedagogical Practices
See if the following helps:
Understanding EYLF

Student assessment
Hi everyone I’m new here and I’m looking forward everyone can help me on my assessment questions
1. What are the legislative requirements relating to...

Advice for starter for diploma of Early childhood and education
Hi Lorina
can you please help me with this 2 questions.
Describe how you will address each of the following points during the development and implementation...

What legislations would relate to the unit CHCLEG001 - work legally and ethically?

Recruit for a new diploma trained educator
a) Recruit for a new Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care educator position
o Identify your role as Nominated Supervisor (NS) in the recruitment...

Paid for closure of childcare centres
Thanks for the reply.
I have a question you may be able to help me with, so I am a full time employee whose hours are cut down due to the virus, but looking...

Scenario CHCECE026
Please Help having a Little Trouble understanding what to put for the questions I'm new at this.....
Read through the scenario below and answer the related...

Provider Approval Assessment
Please help having a little trouble understanding on what I need to do
Read through the scenario below and answer the related questions.

Certificate 3
Hi everyone I have been stuck on this regulationany help would be appreciated
Question: A trainee says there are no regulations requiring educators to...

Quick Lunch Ideas for Kids
Hi. newbie here. Add some items from my list:
full fat yogurt (personally not worried about the sugar in it when most other kids are guzzling down juice...

diet during pregnancy
For a mum-to-bе, it is even morе іmpоrtant to hаνe a well balanced dіet, aѕ what yоu еat hаѕ to meet the neеds οf the mother аs well аs thе deνeloріng...

High turnover in childcare - what are the reasons?
I want to ask a couple of questions . Haven’t used this for a while.

Working with my child - advice!
Thank you lorina! Great advice :)

Delete Account
Hi so I want to delete my account but as far as I can tell it's impossible to find a way to do this, can someone please instruct me on how to delete my...

REDUCED from to 37 to 6 hours
You can contact the fair work ombudsman for further advice

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