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Current Minimum Diploma Wage
I so sorry Lorina I hope you're feeling better soon.
I ended up rejecting the job offer all together. They had changed the terms so many times, and have...

Childcare Jobs In NSW
Area/Suburb: Cambridge Park
Position: One Trained Educator
Service: Bright Stars Kindergarten
Qualification: ECT, Diploma...

i need help for my interview - common interview questions
i am facing interviews these days and questions are very:
What type of educators you (me) gonna hire if you get chance..?
I m confused 🤷‍♀️ what’s...

Question about rest breaks
If you work a 9-5 day are you entitled to a 30 minute meal break along with two paid 10 minute rest pauses? Also during a meal break where you are required...

The Odd Room Out
hey, by the sounds of it you have done an amazing job so far, in my center I have been a Cert 3 for 6 years in the same center and during this, i have...

Dragon Boat Festival
Dragon Boat Festival is the 5th day of the 5th lunar month. It is a traditional Chinese festival. It has a history of more than 2,000 years, and is believed...

Assessment for provider approval and HELP!
Hi Lorina,
I was hoping to connect with you to get your guidance please. How can we communicate further?
Thanks a million!
Send me a message through...

Diploma Qualified > ECT
What is your position at the centre?

Looking for a new job
That's great!!
It sounds like they really like you and you're very happy! You pretty much have this job in the bag!
Enjoy the trial!!

Sleep and Settling Advice?
Sometimes a good sleep depends on comfortable clothes, which baby wears.

Help needed please
Thank you very much for your help once again :)

Hi, Can anyone help me plz.
1. What processes are typically utilised in the service to identify children with barriers to learning?
2. What steps are taken...

Hi, Can anyone help me plz.
1. What processes are typically utilised in the service to identify children with barriers to learning?
2. What steps are taken...

CHCECE021 implement strategies for the inclusion of all chidren
Hi, Can anyone help me plz.
1. What processes are typically utilised in the service to identify children with barriers to learning?
2. What steps are taken...

CHCECE018/022 Workbook 1 -Explaining theorists

Professional development manual questions
1) Instead of a lesson plan, you can use observations, learning stories.
2) Secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships – having an understanding...

Assignment help
So for the cleaning roster, it will be for the educators in the room:
Monday Tues
Josh Outdoor Bins...

Professional development manual
This may help:
Celebrating Multiculturalism In Childcare

See if this helps:
Reflective Practices

Hi Lorina,
I am really stuck on following question and please can you help me....
Shown leadership and negotiation skills and gained the trust of colleagues,...

Silkworms in Brisbane, Qld
Hi Amanda,
I would love to have some silkworms for my Prep classroom. Do you still have any? I had them for years but lost my last lot of eggs in a move...

Hello! I'm new here.
Hello and welcome

Educators BIG Day Out 2015 Central Coast
thanks for the news

Forum Search
Any help with this question please
List the guiding principles of the National Education and Care Services Quality Framework (Part 3, Section 3.3 of the...

Fmaily Day Care pays during Covid-19
I now live off the money for math lessons on Skype for the early development of children. I'm very afraid to think that if the lockdown doesn't end soon,...

Cert 3, Legal Cluster Learning Frameworks
I am struggling to find the differences between The Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework and the My Time, Our Place Framework for school...

Các bộ số lô đề là gì?
Các bộ số lô đề là gì?

Các bộ số trong lô đề là thuật ngữ rất quen thuộc trong bộ môn số học đỉnh cao. Theo đó căn cứ vào những quy ước khác nhau mà...

Cách vào tiền lô khuông 3 ngày
Cách vào tiền lô khung 3 ngày
Ngoài việc chọn lựa Thống kê, thì cách vào tiền lô cũng là điều vô cùng quan trọng. Việc này quyết định các bạn thắng thua...

Cách giải đen lô đề
Cách giải đen lô đề

Vận đen chính là tình huống không ít lúc xảy ra với những người chơi lô đề. lúc nuôi lô song thủ thì lô cũ lại về, điều này khiến...

Bí kíp đánh lô hiệu quả nhất 2019
Bí kíp đánh lô hiệu quả nhất 2019
Mỗi người sẽ nắm giữ những bí kíp đánh lô hiệu quả riêng, nhưng theo như Phân tích trong khoảng phổ thông chuyên gia...

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    You can use this forum to post your ads such as Job availability, if you are looking for a Job, Information on Courses or anything that is related to childcare or students. Ads not related to the niche topic of this website or multiple posting of the same ad will be deleted.
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    Last post Re: Silkworms in Brisbane, Qld
    by Llitt1
    Wed Jul 01, 2020 11:31 pm
  • EYLF Templates Support Forum
    Support forum for feature requests and for troubleshooting issues when opening or downloading EYLF templates that are listed under the Templates section of this website
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    Last post Re: PDF file opening in iPad
    by Lorina
    Thu Aug 10, 2017 6:20 pm

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