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accused of allegedly hitting/pushing a child
Hi Lorina
The parent's accusations was a week after the fact, he fronted me first and to my knowledge there was nothing reported to my superior prior to...

Counting with toddlers -- early learning in math
Numbers and counting are a crucial part of your child's growing mathematical understanding. Counting is learned when toddlers:
• Start to recognize how...

starting job
Thank you, Lorina.
I had a great first day :)

More on casual break allowances
According to the Children's Services Award 2010, an employee working in excess of 5 hours is entitled to an uninterrupted meal break of at least 30 minutes,...

Ongoing Separation Anxiety in 3 year old
I work with a little girl who has been attending my centre for quite a while. She is continuing to become very distressed at drop-off i.e. screaming,...

Children run away when I try to discipline them
Thanks I've been trying to be consistent. It has gotten a bit better with working with children one to one. The issue I have found however now is when...

Observations for non english speaking children
I am wondering how to do observations for non-English speaking children (age 3-5). I don't understand what they are saying, they have very little...

How to get an integration aide for children
You're most welcome!
You may want to discuss this with the Director/Parents beforehand because you need to all work together to ensure the child's best...

room distribution
How are you going with this issue?
Has this been resolved or you still facing this problem?

Pay Rate & Classification for Working Towards Diploma
Hi there
Im studying diploma. I am room leader in the nursery. Getting paid a cert 3 room leader rate. I open and close as the diploma person but any...

Task 7: Respond to legal and ethical situations
You're on the right track with your response...

CHCECE017 - Contextual Factors On Emotional/Psychological Development
Contextual Factors
A range of factors that can influence health, safety, wellbeing and physical activity participation. These factors include, but are...

Topics include:
- Hand washing Procedure
- Nappy Change Procedure
- Infection Control
- Cleaning and Disinfecting
- Hygiene in Childcare
Hope this...

This sounds like the outcomes of the assignment... what is the question?

CHCDIV001 Work with Diverse people
You're welcome!

need help to complete my task in work placement
You're welcome!

Importance Of Community As A Source Of Knowledge
You're welcome!

Anyone doing their Diploma with ACTAC?
Thank you all. I commenced my study and so far am enjoying it. I find the wording of the assessment questions to be a little lacking of detail, but ive...

CHCECE017 Foster the holistic development and wellbeing of children in earlychildhood
how could you communicate to a family at an early childhood education and care service the link between lack of physical exercise, childhood obesity and...

Can Any One Please Help
Yes, you're on the right track!
You should also note down how often the asthma attacks are occurring, when they are occurring to provide this information...

Assessment for provider approval and HELP!
Has anyone recently attended the session and assessment? Could someone give a bit more insight into the kind of questions will be asked.
many thanks

Re: interview questions
Hi Lorina

I am a new member of this forum. I have completed my cer III and looking for a job. I attend the interview they ask me some questions but...

Hi New to the Forum
Hi lorina
If could dew really help me
Im in a pickle
I really don't know what to do anymore
U see i did my diploma about 2 years ago, never finished...

I have received a First and Final Warning =(
It was a complete misunderstanding between you and the other Educator. The other Educator shouldn't have told you that the child left when they didn't...

Making claim to Fair Works
Even if you are employed as an assistant if you have your Diploma Qualification you should be paid at a minimum Level 3.4. A room leader with a Diploma...

My Photos won't go into my templates
What Template are you trying to add images in?
To confirm this problem of the images going into the background, is occurring when you are adding images...

importance of job roll
There are such types of work where the execution of well-planned instructions and there is a guarantee of a better result. Especially when it comes to...

pregnency queries while working in a childcare.
Firstly congratulations!
The following sites have a lot of helpful information and answer most of your questions:

what is family daycare- in pictures
What is family daycare?
Family day care is approved child care that truly focuses on each individual child’s development, while providing high quality...

Starting a fdc - what you need
The area you use for fdc has to be suitable for the number, ages and abilities of children you will have.
A very small area is not acceptable unless you...

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