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This is an interesting activity for children. It develops children's fine motor skills as well as hand eye coordination and children make use of their action fingers here thus letting them practice their grasping skills.
With this activity the children will be having pure fun as many of them would like to do this sticking activity. Moreover, this is a simple activity as it involves just peeling of the stickers and sticking them. By peeling…
This is an interesting activity where children will be learning to write letters of the alphabet on their own through tracing. This will improve their ability to recognise letters. Children will also become familiar with the strokes of each alphabet…
This amazing activity will turn the learning environment into space with several colourful rockets flying here and there. This is an activity thus exercising the fine motor skills of the child. Kids here will be making and blowing their own…
Through this experience children are going to explore their imagination skills by making accessories like bracelets, necklaces anklets. All this they are going to do with pieces of straw. This will be working on their hand-eye coordination and cognitive skills…
This is an activity where the children will develop their fine motor skills and also improve their focus and concentration. It is a very simple activity where the children will learn to make various patterns using straws.
This interesting and simple activity for children, enables them to make shapes using straw pieces and playdough. This will improve the child’s ability to recognise shapes and develop their fine motor and cognitive skills.
Children will enjoy learning and understanding Aboriginal symbols.
This simple activity enables children to use coloured rocks to create the ATSI flags.
This activity encourages children to appreciate the positive things that they can learn from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people every day.
This activity supports all children to build a personal sense of responsibility for respecting the Country/place around them, all the while building an awareness and appreciation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander contributions to sustainable Land management.
Through engaging with translations of a song into a number of different Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages, children will develop a shared appreciation of, and pride in, the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages.
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