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Encourages children to explore creative expression though talking with their bodies.
Teach children about how oil spills happen, their effects on ocean habitats, and how difficult they are to clean up.
Move the bottle to create ocean waves, just like out in the deep blue sea.
Children can create their own jellyfish and learn about these fascinating sea creatures.
Children will learn and discover the various layers of the ocean along with where marine animals live.
2 Ingredient Pudding Dough is a great sensory experience for young children. Smells and feels good for children to play with.
With the cold season just ahead, this 2 ingredients fake snow is a great sensory experience for children to engage in.
This a quick and easy sensory recipe with soap and bubbles that children will love to play with.
Super easy, super soft cloud dough using only 2 ingredients.
In this STEAM project, children will be creating a lemon volcano. These lemon-smelling volcanoes create bubbly small eruptions which you can make in your learning environment with some easily available items in the kitchen.
Make a hard egg bounce by adding it to a cup of vinegar. This is a great STEAM experiment to try with children - make different colour "egg balls" and watch how vinegar dissolves the hard shell to create a…
An energetic game of moving different parts of the body, while playing with the parachute.
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