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An energetic game of moving different parts of the body, while playing with the parachute.
A fun game for children to "shale hands" under the parachute.
Salt can be used to encourage children to write their names, also a great sensory experience.
Use alphabet letters to learn to spell and recognise names.
Have children identify the letters in their name for them to spell using pegs.
Add letters to Duplo, for children to practise spelling their name.
Simply use pipe cleaners and beads to make this fun counting activity.
Children will enjoy matching the correct number to the key, to unlock it. Also develops fine motor skills.
Children can have fun counting fingers on simple gloves.
Develop children's recognition of numbers through this simple activity.
Develop children's hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills used for writing by weaving the spider through the web.
A simple activity for children to practice their fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination, used for prewriting while painting cardboard nails.
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