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Easy to make slime using Metamucil which gives a great colour and smell to the slime!
This colour changing slime is simply a wow experiment. Children will be preparing the slime right from scratch. And we will be adding a secret ingredient into the slime to make it heat sensitive colour changing slime. The ingredient used…
This STEAM activity is a great project. It uses shapes, gravity and movement to create art with some awesome colours. Children will learn to create a roly-poly art using a fun technique with balls. Children will begin to understand explore…
This is a great introduction to get children into understanding the lifecycle of plants, how they grow and looking after them.
Children can develop their fine motor skills and learn colours with this matching colour peg game.
Encourage children to learn colours by sorting coloured pompoms into the correctly coloured block.
Three different playdough recipes which will help children to calm down as they manipulate it.
This is a simple activity that’s very important for children to develop their grasping skills. A child ought to learn and bring into practice the correct form and pattern of grasping a pencil for their future. This needs to be…
Straw threading will improve a child’s hand-eye coordination and improve their focus and concentration and develop their vocabulary.
A simple activity that strengthens children's finger muscles as they peel tape off animals.
This colander activity is simple it’s an engaging activity and children get engrossed in it. This improves their fine motor skills and the children learn to use their action fingers in an efficient manner. Thus it also contributes to their…
An easy and fun way for babies and toddlers to practice their fine motor and hand/eye coordination skills by grabbing and pulling items through a kitchen whisk.
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