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Pass The Rhythm

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Pass The Rhythm

 This simple game enables children to "pass the rhythm" by copying the rhythmic actions of the child next to them. 

Game 1

  • Have children sit in a circle.
  • Choose a child and encourage them to make a rhythm. E.g. stamp their feet, tap their shoulders, clap their hands 3 times etc.
  • Children need to observe and copy it.
  • The next child will make another set of rhythms for the children to copy. 
  • Continue the game until all the kids have had their turn.

Game 2

  • Make the children stand in a circle.
  • You (the Educator) can stand in the middle and make a set of quick rhythms. E.g: you can tap your feet, then knees and then clap. So, this is a set of 3 rhythms.
  • Ask the children to observe you and copy it.
  • Then make another set of rhythms by tapping your head and tapping your shoulders twice. Let the children copy you.
  • Keep the rhythm going until the children get comfortable with the game and also get to know various ways to make rhythms.

Game 3

  • This is a kind of memory game and can be done with an older group of kids.
  • Make the children stand in a circle.
  • Choose a child and they should do an action. E.g: tap their head.
  • The child beside them needs to repeat that action and add an action of their own. For example - tap their head and clap their hands 3 times.
  • The next child should repeat both of these actions and add a third one to it.
  • Continue until you complete the circle.

Hints and Tips: 

  • This activity focuses on developing observation skills and memory.
  • It also helps children to observe and memorise by means of imitating and repeating.


Created On January 29, 2023 Last modified on Sunday, January 29, 2023
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