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Using nail polish, this science experiment will enable you to create rainbow patterns on paper.
Create this delicate rainbow crystal garden.
 This simple game enables children to "pass the rhythm" by copying the rhythmic actions of the child next to them.
This is a fun chocolate slime to play with and it's stretchy and fluffy.
With only 3 simple ingredients, create this chocolate-scented cloud dough.
Chocolate Playdough is a great sensory tool to use and can be used in so many different experiences with children. Children can make pretend cupcakes, and make a birthday cake, for hot chocolate on a cold day. Adding chocolate playdough…
Children will learn to "track" the footprints of different Australian animals.
This is a simple and fun activity for children to track Australian animals.
This circle game is the one that involves a Baby Bear and a thief who steals his honey as he is asleep. Now our cute little Baby Bear is on a mission to find the thief as he is very…
This is a great game for children to get to know each other and a quick and fun game for children to guess who picked them.
This is a fun and simple game where each child will become a "dog" and guess who has got their bone.
Water play is always engaging and soothing for kids. This particular play can be done when the spring is in the air. To start the activity, you could send the children to collect fallen flowers from the garden. Add water…
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