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Practice prewriting skills by moving coloured bears from left to right.
A winter sensory dough using only 2 ingredients! Encourage children to experiment with different textures while playing with snow dough.
Teach children about how oil spills happen, their effects on ocean habitats, and how difficult they are to clean up.
Easily grow 9 kinds of vegetables in water indoors using vegetable offcuts. Children will enjoy the anticipation, curiosity and interest while growing their own vegetables.
Instil sustainable practices in children with this simple trash sorting activity.
Use scrap paper or newspaper and coloured paints to create beautiful, colourful hand made paper.
Children can use stones to trace patterns which helps a child to focus on when they are feeling unsettled.
Three different playdough recipes which will help children to calm down as they manipulate it.
Create this easy to make hide and seek sensory bottle for children to find different objects.
Help an upset child to settle using the balloon stress balls, which children can use to manipulate.
Encourage children to practice their scissor skills by making this simple dandelion.
Children can practice cutting in straight lines while creating the lion's mane.
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