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Printables for "Writing Skills" are now available and the following 2 new worksheets are added: Cursive Alphabet Worksheets Cursive Words Worksheets To view these worksheets, you can go to: Printables --> Writing Worksheets
Aussie Childcare Network is happy to release the new version 0.0.2 of EYLF Tools Templates for Early Childhood settings in Australia. We have added new features and improved our Templates based on the feedback and suggestions from our users to make your programming and planning documentations easier! Online Tools New Features: 1) OOSH Curriculum Plan Template: A new curriculum plan…
Aussie Childcare Network is happy to release our brand new "Online EYLF Tools" Templates for Early Childhood settings! What is "Online EYLF Tools"? “Online EYLF Tools” is a web project developed by Aussie Childcare Network for Early Childhood Professionals in Australia. This tool offer users an editable pdf version of programming documentation templates with pre-designed styles & formats that can…
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