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Variety Livvi’s Place Glenfield in Sydney is a playground and supports all abilities through its inclusive play offerings. It has won the national award for Playground Design and Development Award and has become more popular and getting admiration from lots of children in Sydney.

Dr Seuss’s six books will no longer be published as those are accused of being racist to some particular communities. The books include And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street (1937), McElligot’s Pool (1947), If I Ran the Zoo (1950), Scrambled Eggs Super! (1953), On Beyond Zebra! (1955), The Cat’s Quizzer (1976). Critics said the books contain language and imagery that is outdated or offensive and strictly racist.

With the increasing rate of obesity in Australia, the Australian Government has taken a few strategies to reduce the overwhelming inclination of the public to consumption of junk foods. The junk food giants such as m&m, Mac Donald, Toucan Sam, etc may have an ending spell by receiving restrictions on its advertising methods.

It is said that after a new study that children who are born through artificial technology such as IVF, are more successful or get some advantages in terms of quality of life than the children born in a natural process.

Australian researchers have developed a screening tool to find out the children who are on the autism spectrum. This seems to be the most successful tool to detect autism around the world. A study of more than 13,500 Victorian children found the la Trobe university tools most effective in the world.

Jason Cawthra, from Australia, has built a sensor to be used in car seats which gives notification to the parents if they forget their child in the car. There are a lot of incidents of forgetting babies inside the car and resulting in various mishaps. He was terribly saddened by seeing this news and with the aim of solving the problem, he worked hard to find out something that can aware the parents if they forget their baby inside the car.

A six-year-old little boy becomes seriously injured after being attacked by two Wallabies, in Cairns. The boy has a serious wound on his head. Apart from the head, he has several injuries in his leg, chin, and torso.

Two Canberra sisters, Emma and Olivia Harries, in primary school, are accumulating socks for recycling them rather than to be landfilled. They are trying to collect 10,000 socks so that they could send them for recycling. Their family, residents of different places in Australia are also trying to gather shocks from different sources. Hopefully, they will be able to use them for recycling very soon.

Parenting in war is difficult and challenging. Being a parent, they have to ensure their safety as well as make them relax from anxiety. Every child has the sense to understand bad things going around. They also feel anxious and stressed because of this unnatural situation around them. Parents, on one hand, need to tell the truth so that they can realise the reason for the abnormal atmosphere around them, and on the other hand, they should not tell them so much that they could feel frightened and scared. Too much frightfulness anxiety tension may cause permanent damage to their development process.

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