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Young Canberra Sisters Collecting Socks To Prevent Them Being Land Filled

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Socks Collection

Two Canberra sisters, Emma and Olivia Harries, in primary school, are accumulating socks for recycling them rather than to be landfilled. They are trying to collect 10,000 socks so that they could send them for recycling. Their family, residents of different places in Australia are also trying to gather shocks from different sources. Hopefully, they will be able to use them for recycling very soon.

The incidents started when the family used to watch lots of documentaries to pass the time in the lockdown. One day they watched how the textile things are getting recycled. One day Olivia asked to know what is a landfill? And where all the bin material went by. By knowing the truth that they are getting buried Olivia felt sorry and with the help of her sister Emma started to gather old non-usable shocks for recycling.

Once they reach their target, they will send them to Upparel, a Melbourne-based textile company that will be going to use them as stuff for pillows, pet beds, etc.

Olivia said that she come to know that many things can be recycled instead of sending different countries. According to Olivia, it is their rubbish, so they should have to deal with it. The Upparel CEO said that the stories like Olivia and Emma inspire him to recycle textile waste. He also adds that education can create awareness. It is very necessary to create awareness of recycling things from the very childhood. That will help to create a better environment.

It is also adults’ responsibility to lead as role models to create awareness about recycling thus protecting our mother nature. Textile waste is a big problem and only awareness can eradicate this problem.

Different people started to charity the socks to Olivia and her sister for recycling. Her mother said they have received more than 1000 socks from only 10 users. They are hoping to reach the milestone of 10,000 very soon so that the recycling process can be started.

It is a very noble action that Olivia and Emma are performing for recycling the waste. We should all spread awareness about land pollution and the recycling of textile products. We have to make people educated to treat waste as resources so that we can present a better pollution-free world to our next generation.

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Last modified on Sunday, May 1, 2022
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