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The following lists cultural, special and community events that are taking place in May 2021. This should help you to plan and organise for upcoming events and celebrations for May 2021.
To celebrate Free Fruit For Kids program reaching over 100 million, Woolworths is offering up to 100 Early Learning Services across Sydney free fruit for a day.
The My Time Our Place Framework provides broad direction for school age care educators in settings to facilitate children’s play, leisure and learning.
Cool Australia has partnered with Ludo Studio to create a range of Bluey educational resources for teachers and educators.
Goodstart Early Learning, which required its staff to get a flu shot, sacked one of their Educators for refusing to get vaccinated.
Green cleaning refers to using environmentally friendly ingredients and procedures while cleaning, which are healthier and safer for us and the environment.
For ECTs working in early childhood services, employed under Educational Services (Teachers) Award (EST Award), The Fair Work Commission has agreed that minimum pay rates should be increased.
Earth Day is celebrated on April 22. The day aims to raise awareness about climate change and global warming and to act towards the protection of the environment.
Recycling is an important concept that teaches children to care for the environment. It encourages children to be responsible and show a growing appreciating for Earth.
Nature Passport is a free resource that supports Educators and Teachers in getting kids excited about outdoor play and learning.
Children love being barefoot! It's comfortable and it enables them to feel free. Feeling the freedom of their movements and allows them to feel more liberated. Why not embrace it!
 Nature Play Week celebrates initiatives of all shapes and sizes that reconnect kids with nature and the outdoors.
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