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Collecting work samples from each child is an effective documentation strategy that educators can save for portfolios. These samples can relate to the child's development or link to curriculum objectives.
Feel Good Feb is dedicated to saying thanks, expressing gratitude, promoting good deeds and random acts of kindness.
Photo Observations are a perfect visual tool to capture a child's learning during an experience and provides an insight into the child's skills and development.
Reading books supports children to become emergent readers, it teaches sharing and involvement and develops early literacy skills. The Take Home Book Program guides families in building, confident and fluent readers and builds positive relationships between home and preschool.
Bounce Cards are designed for OSHC Educators to go with you, wherever your OSHC children play and to share ideas to encourage your children to be active every day.
Running records are written in present tense and recorded as the action is happening. It gives a minute-by-minute description of what goes on in a setting with a specific child or group of children.
Jottings are a quick and easy way to record significant events and behaviours. They provide a picture of a child's interest or their development.
In Norway and most other Scandinavian countries, children nap in the outdoors. According, to research outdoor sleeping not only promotes better daytime sleeping, but it also increases the duration of sleep. With Australia's serene climate, it's a great way for…
Progressive mealtimes are giving an opportunity for children to choose when they want to eat within a certain timeframe instead of eating at a set time.
On 26 January we celebrate Australia Day. A day to reflect on what we have achieved and what we can be proud of in our great nation. However, for Aboriginal Australians, it's a day of sorrow and loss. A clear…
The Child Care Provider Handbook is free and written for providers of early learning and child care. It details the requirements and responsibilities of child care providers and services.
Anecdotes are the most commonly used tool in gathering information about children.
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