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As part of the children’s program, it’s important to undertake cultural celebrations in acknowledging rights and traditions. This yearly calendar has a variety of monthly cultural and community celebrations which can be acknowledged within the program and adapted to suit…
Most button batteries are smaller than a five-cent piece, but the physical damage they can cause can be fatal. Button batteries can cause serious internal burns or death when swallowed.
When your eager to get the job, it may be difficult to refuse to answer questions however you don’t have to answer a question that requires you to give information that could be used to discriminate against you.
The Kindness Curriculum presents activities designed to build the attributes of empathy, gratitude, perspective, honesty, self-compassion, self-acceptance, humility, collaboration, mindfulness, meditation, trust, affiliation and humour for all Australian children and students.
One of the best ways to encourage children to grow a garden to develop a range of skills is to create an edible garden. An edible garden is a garden that contains flowers, herbs, seeds, berries and plants that can…
Many nursery rhymes have been argued to have hidden meanings and origins.
Kindness is an important tool that we should instil in all, especially children. It should be a habit. Kindness comes from the heart and promotes happiness in all. Here is a list of acts of kindness that children can complete.…
Incursions provide children with the opportunity to explore meaningful learning experiences in the comfort of their early childhood service.
Two protocols related to Country are important to know about in order to show respect for aboriginal people and their custodianship of and close ongoing connection to the land.
The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is a promise to every child to protect and fulfil their rights, by adopting an international legal framework.
The NSW Quality Rating certificate is designed to give families important information, at-a-glance, about the overall rating of your service as well as against each of the quality areas.
While working as Trainee there may be problems that you may need to resolve. Many workplace problems can be resolved through direct communication between the Director and the trainee.
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