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For ECT's employed as an Early Childhood Teacher in a service and are on the Educational Services Teachers Award and who do not as of 1 January 2022 hold proficient teacher accreditation/registration and are not subject to a requirement to…
For ECT's working in early childhood services, they are on the Educational Services Teachers Award and there are 5 Classification Levels which determines their rate of pay.
When working as a qualified Early Childhood Teacher (with a university degree) within a service, your rate of pay will come from the Educational Service Teachers Award, 2010. This Award is specifically for Early Childhood Teachers employed as the ECT…
A resume is your first impression in a one to two page document that sums up your work qualifications, experience, skills and teaching philosophy. It's important to have a resume that outlines your achievements and experience in a short, concise…
When applying for grant funding it is crucial to provide evidence that supports your application. Evidence enables you to demonstrate your understanding and the services need for the grant funding.
A yarning circle is the practice of speaking and listening from the heart, for sitting together to talk and listen and share ideas and stories.
Raising awareness about Aboriginal culture is an important aspect of children’s learning and growing a bush tucker garden, children will show a growing appreciation for native edible Australian plants.
Confrontation refers to coming “face to face” with another person and to bring up something that the other person probably does not want to hear. That’s what makes confrontation challenging.
Immunisation of Educators within the early learning centre is an effective way to protect not only themselves but also the children within the service who may be vulnerable to vaccine preventable diseases.
As an FDC Educator, you educate and care for children in your own home. Essentially you are running your own FDC service. You are solely responsible for the children in your care.
Green cleaning refers to using environmentally friendly ingredients and procedures while cleaning, which are healthier and safer for us and the environment.
Children love being barefoot! It's comfortable and it enables them to feel free. Feeling the freedom of their movements and allows them to feel more liberated. Why not embrace it!
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