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Play-based learning uses playful experiences in which children have some degree of agency and control as opportunities for teaching a range of skills and competencies.
Few things can hold a baby in rapt attention or wring out a squeal of pleasure from a toddler as a palette of colours, paints and brushes. Art with its many sensory experiences has been found to aid brain development…
Literacy skills cover the ability to read and write words, sentences and language. Since such skills are not just the basis of effective communication but also determine future academic progress, it is important to support literacy skills from early childhood.
Though as educators, we tend to value the well-being of children above everything else, there may be some merit in encouraging a bit of risky play in the early years.
STEM refers to an integrated learning approach that introduces Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through play-based activities.
Floorbook is a documentation approach that uses a large book with blank pages for children to record different aspects of their learnings in small groups or as a whole group.
As Educators all over the world find out every day, there are certain life skills which fundamentally determine how well children will learn within their learning environment. One of the most important life skills children learn to develop is kindness.
The ACEQCA Board decided to extend and amend it's transitional measure by enabling primary and secondary teachers to be "recognised as an equivalent ECT" until the end of 2023.
This is the list of 2022 public holidays for each state and territory in Australia. Public holidays can be different depending on the state or territory you're in.
NSW Health has advised that people who are symptomatic or are household contacts of a positive case may rely on the results of a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT), instead of awaiting the results of the PCR nose and throat swab…
The best way to deal with a positive case when it happens is to be as prepared as possible before it happens. The following provides information for early childhood services in NSW that includes Managing Positive Cases, COVID - 19…
For ECT's employed as an Early Childhood Teacher in a service and are on the Educational Services Teachers Award and who do not as of 1 January 2022 hold proficient teacher accreditation/registration and are not subject to a requirement to…
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