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Reflective practice is learning from everyday situations and issues and concerns that arise which form part of our daily routine while working in an early childhood setting.

A reflection allows us to analyze our experiences, make changes based on our mistakes, keep doing what is successful, and build upon our knowledge.

A reminder for NSW Early Childhood Services, that The Quality Learning Environment program is offering grants of up to $15,000 (excluding GST). These are available to services to enhance their learning environments, for example with minor construction, equipment or other resources to help provide inclusive, safe and supportive preschools that contribute to positive experiences and outcomes for children. Submission close soon!

For all services, both persons in day-to-day charge and all nominated supervisors must complete an approved child protection course.

As an Educator, you are involved in the day to day running of the service. At times you are also witnessing to the services breach of regulations, staff misconduct or aspects of the service that you believe is unethical. If you feel that the service where you're working is not meeting National Regulations or are implementing bad practices then it is vital that you make a formal complaint. 

When you're looking for a new Educator to join the team, you want someone who is knowledgeable, may have had some experience and is qualified. However, at times you may be suspicious due to the qualification the Educator has received yet the knowledge that they share or the answers to questions just don't match up.

Quality Area 7 has two standards that focus on governance and leadership at the service.

Quality Area 6 has two standards that support building collaborative partnerships with families and communities to enhance children’s inclusion, learning and wellbeing as they transition through the early years into school and/or attend outside school hours care services.

Quality Area 5 has two standards that focus on relationships between educators and children, and between children and their peers.

Quality Area 4 has two standards that focus on the organisation and professionalism of educators, staff and management.

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