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Fizzy Soda Blobs

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Fizzy Soda Blobs

A fizzling science experience that creates art during a chemical reaction.

What you need:

  • Tray
  • A4 Paper
  • Food colouring
  • Eyedropper
  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar
  • Small Cups (one for each colour)

What to do:

  • Lay the A4 sheet of paper onto the tray.

  • Cover it with baking soda.

  • Add 2 tbsp of vinegar with a drop of food colouring into small cups (one for each colour).
  • Use an eye dropper to squirt food colouring on top of the baking soda.

  • Experiment with lots of colours.

  • When finished, brush of baking soda to see "art" underneath.

Hints and Tips:

  • Hear the fizz and see the reaction when adding the vinegar to the baking soda.
  • Create small volcano art by piling baking soda into a small pile before adding vinegar.
  • Experiment with adding more/less baking soda and more/less vinegar
  • Easy for children to do by themselves

Additional Info

  • Appropriate Age: 2 year+
  • Number of Children: Individual (1)
  • Developmental Milestones:

    relates what they are doing with others
    observed and imitates adults actions
    understands consequences of their actions
    explores materials
    recognises similarities and differences
    can follow 2 or more directions
    pays attention to activities for longer periods of time

  • Play Based Learning: Sensory Play, Exploratory Play
  • Interest Areas: Science and Nature, Sensory Play
  • Games Categories: Manipulation Games, Science Experiments, Sensory Games
  • EYLF Outcomes: Learning Outcome 4
  • Sub Outcomes:

    4.1 Children develop dispositions for learning such as curiosity, cooperation, confidence, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination and reflexivity.

    4.2 Children develop a range of skills and processes such as problem solving, inquiry, experimentation, hypothesising, researching and investigating.


Created On August 11, 2018
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