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Stealing Honey

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Stealing Honey

This circle game is the one that involves a Baby Bear and a thief who steals his honey as he is asleep. Now our cute little Baby Bear is on a mission to find the thief as he is very angry and hungry!

Materials Required:

  • Empty bottle
  • Tambourine/keys
  • Blindfold

What To Do:

  • Make the children sit in a circle.
  • Call upon a child. Blindfold the child and make then to sit in the centre. This child is meant to be the Baby Bear.
  • Place the jar or bottle behind the Baby Bear. Assume it to be filled with honey.
  • Now the Baby Bear is asleep.
  • You give the tambourine to a child in the circle. Now that child needs to stand up and come to the baby bear and swiftly take the honey and sneak back to their place while holding the tambourine.
  • As the child approaches the baby bear, ask the other kids to chant – “isn’t it funny how a bear likes honey!”.
  • They need to hide both the tambourine and the honey behind them.
  • Ask all the kids to place both their hands behind their backs, so that the bear has a tough time finding out the thief.
  • Now the baby bear opens the blindfold and needs to guess who stole his honey.
  • Ask the baby bear to observe small things like the footprints if any, small noises of the tambourine, etc. in order to find out the thief.
  • You can give 3 attempts to guess the thief.

Hints and Tips:

  • If the children find it difficult to hide both the tambourine and honey, you can replace the tambourine with keys.
  • If still the kids are uncomfortable hiding both items, they can leave the instrument behind the baby bear and bring the honey alone and hide it.
  • See to it that the children beside the thief do not show any signs to the baby bear.
  • Ensure the bottle or jar you use is not glass.
  • Be careful as you blindfold the "baby bear".
  • If correctly guessed then the thief becomes the baby bear.
  • Encourage children to identify their classmates by their names.
  • This game builds the child's observing and analytical skills.
  • You can make the children notice the rhyming words ‘funny and honey’ as they chant the line, “isn’t it funny how a bear likes honey!”.

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Created On January 18, 2023 Last modified on Wednesday, January 18, 2023
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