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Popsicle Sticks Earrings Stand

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Popsicle Sticks Earrings Stand Ready For DIY

A simple and cute earring stand for children to make for Mother's Day. 


  • Popsicle Sticks (choice of your own colours)
  • strong glue (PVA)
  • small paintbrush (to apply glue)

What to do: 

  •  Using a paintbrush, apply glue to one end of a popsicle stick

  • Take another popsicle stick and stick it onto the area with glue at a 30-degree angle.

  • Repeat steps 2 and 3. These serve as stands for the earring display. Wait for the glue to dry.

  • Apply glue to one of the thin sides of the stands

  • Get another popsicle stick and apply glue vertically along the middle.

  • Glue this popsicle stick onto this side of one stand

  • Do the same for the other stand. Wait for the glue to dry.

  • Apply glue half an inch from the end of the popsicle stick that you glued onto the stands.

  • Take another popsicle stick and glue it onto this area at a perpendicular angle.

  • Apply glue to the same area if the other stand and attach the other end of the perpendicular stick to it

  • Repeat steps above until you've covered the whole side (make sure there are small gaps between)

  • Turn the stand upright and wait for the glue to dry. 

  • Hook dangling earrings, onto the gaps between the sticks.


Hints and Tips:

  • Use different colours paddle pops

  • Use same coloured paddle pops

  • Add glitter to each stick



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Created On May 4, 2023 Last modified on Thursday, April 27, 2023
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