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Children can use stones to trace patterns which helps a child to focus on when they are feeling unsettled.

Three different playdough recipes which will help children to calm down as they manipulate it. 

Help an upset child to settle using the balloon stress balls, which children can use to manipulate.

An easy science experiment that uses simple ingredients to form salt crystals.

Easter Egg Bunnies

Category Art and Craft

Create a cute bunny this Easter using an egg. 

A soothing and relaxing sensory experience for children to manipulate. 

Easy to make slime using Metamucil which gives a great colour and smell to the slime!

Use recycled paper to add a different texture to the children’s play dough. 

A magnetic science experiment that helps a child to understand different objects that stick to magnets.

A touchy feely sensory activity for baby without the mess. 

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