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With Winter just around the corner, it's important to take precautions to stay healthy during the cold season. It's easy for some of us to fall sick with viral infections especially when it's so easy to catch amongst the children at work. Here are some strategies on how to overcome the winter season, while working. 

You have a new child starting in your room, their excited, their parents are happy and the family seems to be settling in well with the centre environment. The first day has come for the child to start, parents say goodbye and then the child starts - screaming, crying, pulling, begging their parent not to leave.  

Preschool children have a chance to begin learning a foreign language before they start school under an expanded Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA) program. 

As per National Regulations, an Educational Leader is a suitably qualified and experienced educator, to lead the development and implementation of educational programs in the service.

Minimum educator-to-child ratios and purposeful for services to highlight the importance of the safety, welfare and wellbeing of children and for Educators to effectively supervise children within the environment.

Conflicts are a common part of relationships and can happen within the workplace. Each and every person has their own thoughts, ideas and perspectives and you can’t expect people to agree with each other all the time.  Knowing how to handle a conflict in a positive way provides an opportunity to strengthen your relationships in the workplace.  

Welcome to the world of childcare...have you started working at a centre yet? How are you finding it? Or are you thinking of starting a career in childcare? Here is basically an outline of the list of duties you are expected to do while you are working at a childcare centre. Now remember, this is a very general outline and doesn't cover your centers policies & procedures and basic “centre duties” that you will also need to cover as part of your carer duties. The child care duties are normally given based on your level of qualification. The higher your qualification the more duties and responsibilities (endless paperwork) you have. If you are just starting in the childcare industry, your duties will obviously be different as you are still learning the ropes.

Working as a childcare professional enables you to interact with children, their families, co-workers and sometimes childcare specialists. It is important to maintain open and honest communication with all those involved at your centre and to establish comfortable relationships with the families, co-workers and specialists you are dealing with.

While working in an early childhood setting, one of the positions available is a room leader. A room leader is an educator who leads the room, responsible for the children the staff and running of the room. A room leader is not an easy job and it takes someone who is experienced and qualified to successfully become an efficient leader of the room.

Firstly you need to think about whether you want to become a Director. Just because you are a good educator may not mean you will be a good Director. If you do not enjoy managing people, dealing with staff problems, talking about some things as they are uncomfortable topics to deal with, talk to parents who complain, do lots of mundane paperwork and sitting in an office staring at a computer screen, then most likely being a Director is NOT for you. There is no particular way to ‘become a Director’ however you can maximise your chances by doing some things.

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