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Cert 3 Qualified Educator Job Description

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Cert 3 Qualified Educator Job Description

 As a Cert 3 Qualified Education, you are required to work in a team to provide high-quality early childhood education development, learning and care to children.

Key Responsibilities and Duties


1.1 Assist in the planning, implementation, assessment and review of high quality and diverse educational program based on appropriate curriculum frameworks and with reference to the NQS, considering the developmental needs, interests and abilities of all the children attending the service.
1.2 Actively support every child to participate in the program and assist in ensuring that the program promotes children’s agency, choices and influence.
1.3 Assist in the documentation of children’s learning in accordance with the service philosophy and the learning outcomes.
1.4 Utilise a variety of teaching strategies including intentional teaching and reflective practice in daily work.


2.1 Ensure staff and children utilise effective health and hygiene practices, including meeting all regulations relating to food safety and preparation, medical management plans, and risk management plans, policies and procedures.
2.2 Ensure that all children have access to nutritious food and fresh drinking water.
2.3 Assist in the promotion of health, wellbeing and physical exercise in the service.
2.4 Ensure a safe and stimulating physical environment where all staff and children are protected from hazards or harm.


3.1 Work cooperatively, ethically and respectfully with other educators, and support each other’s professional development.
3.2 Develop and maintain respectful, supportive, collaborative and responsive relationships with children and their families.
3.3 Assist with the supervision of workplace students and volunteers.
3.4 Assist with an effective induction and orientation process for new families, children and staff,
including workplace students and volunteers.


4.1 Ensure all practices are in accordance with the NQS and reflect the philosophy, policies and procedures of the service.
4.2 Attend professional development opportunities as appropriate or as directed by the director/coordinator.
4.3 Contribute to the continuous improvement of the service through reflective practice and as directed by the director/ coordinator and educational leader.
4.4 Assist in the completion of any collection of data, medical or other records required in a timely manner, and in accordance with the service’s policies and procedures and the NQS.


1. Have an actively anti-bias approach which is reflected in interactions with children, families and employees
2. Provide a safe, supportive, stimulating and educational environment for children aged 0-5 years.
3. Develop and maintain positive partnerships with families and form relationships with children who are comforting and nurturing.
4. Keep up to date with current developments in the Early Childhood field.
5. Advocate for Children and families and be available as a resource person to families.
6. Share information with families relating to their child and the daily activities of the service.
7. Protect children and their rights, ensure they are safe and adequately supervised at all times.
8. Be aware of children’s additional needs/requirements in diet/allergies etc.


10. Understanding of the National Quality Framework and Standards, the service philosophy of Education and Care along with the National Early Years Learning Framework and committed
to the implementation of these processes.
11. Develop an understanding of and commitment to the components of the Reggio Emilia pedagogy which support our philosophy and participate in the implementation of the program.
12. Encourage families to participate in service decision making and experiences.
13. Develop positive channels of communication to ensure the smooth running of the service and contribute towards a healthy team environment.
14. Guide and support employees to implement the program along with collaboration with employees to ensure the program is continually improving.
15. Participate in ongoing professional development (LDP) and training programmes


16. To work according to the Australian Early Childhood Code of Ethics, as adopted by Wollongong Unicentre Children’s Services
17. Work according to the Education and Care Services National Regulations under the Education and Care Services National Law.
18. Must ensure compliance with all requirements of NSW Child Protection Act and subordinate legislation.
19. Ensure compliance with all regulations, licensing guidelines along with the Wollongong UniCentre Children’s Services Policies and Procedures.
20. Participate and contribute to the development, review and implementation of the Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)
21. Have a working knowledge of Scientific Brain Research and the implications for education and care.
22. Administer first aid or medication in compliance with policies and procedures.
23. Assist with administrative duties as required.
24. Awareness of the Student, Child Care Benefits, Subsidies and Government Funding.
25. Ensure the service Director is informed of any issues arising which would affect the children or the smooth running of the service.
26. A sound understanding of Work Health and Safety legislation and its implication to ensure a safe and healthy environment in Children’s Services.
27. Assist with the implementation of daily routines
28. Maintain ongoing records of the child’s development and daily information
29. Ensure a high standard of hygiene in compliance with policies and procedures.
30. Maintain Supplies and equipment levels for the room or centre.


31. Undertake shift work, attend professional development and meetings after hours as required.
32. Ability to use Information Technology.
33. Assume an equal share of housekeeping duties and ensure equipment is respected and maintained to an optimal level of safety.
34. Attend parent meetings as required
35. Perform other duties as requested by the Director.


36. Maintain a clean and safe work environment while complying with all UniCentre safety policies and procedures.
37. Work within guidelines as detailed in the relevant Standard Work Method Statements (SWMS).
38. Report all workplace accidents and hazards to your supervisor. Implement immediate action for identified hazards if able to do so safely.
39. Participate in workplace consultative meetings as required and recommend improvements to relevant Standard Work Method Statements.
40. Ensure that all tasks are conducted in a manner consistent with the Standard Work Method Statements.

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