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According to new studies Babies who were diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) showed a lower level of brain activity in response to 'social' videos of people playing 'peek-a-boo' and 'incy-wincy spider', as well as laughing, coughing, yawning or crying.
NSW Health has issued a warning for an outbreak of measles after an unvaccinated baby from South East Asia has contracted the disease in Sydney.
Following a study, that 4-year-olds showed improved reading skills after 13 and a half hours of phonics lessons, researchers are calling for phonics lessons to be rolled during preschool.
Staff-to-child ratios could be scrapped and Educator qualifications relaxed after a Senate report questioned the evidence for stringent regulation within the early childhood industry.
To develop children's speech and language skills it's important to talk to children. New Studies suggest that how you talk to children matters just as much as how long you spend talking to children.
Educators will strike again for equal pay, on the 5th September, the fourth in 18 months, demanding equal pay is taken seriously at the next election.
For Educators who use YouTube Kids to show videos of current interests to children, as part of your intentional teaching or for extension of learning please be warned that there could be graphic material hidden inside of the video. Please…
While working with children, early childhood educators have an increased risk of contracting a range of vaccine-preventable diseases through their daily interactions with children.
For NSW children, from April 2018, children from 6 months to under 5 years will be offered free influenza shots.
In Victoria, there are loopholes that allow violent sex offenders obtain working with children checks by appealing to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) when working with children's checks had previously been denied by officials.
A new study from Macquarie University has found that Educators talk less to babies and toddlers ranging from 50 words per minute while some Educators only use 10 words per minute.
Budget documents have revealed that the Turnbull government is withdrawing funding for preschool children, putting preschool at risk for thousands of young children. The $440 million cut, reported in the Australian Financial review, reveals the government spending on the national…
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