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A cute hands poster to show how much dad or mum is loved. A good activity for Father's Day or Mothers Day!

Create a simple pen holder for Dad, this Father's Day! 

Create a native collage using Australian animal figurines and natural materials. 

Nature Bracelets

Category Art and Craft

Collect and gather natural materials from the local environment and use them to create and decorate this bracelet.

Spider Web Art

Category Art and Craft

Create a spider web painting using string.

Salty Art

Category Art and Craft

Use simple kitchen ingredient 'Table Salt' as part of your Art n Craft experience. Add water colour or food colouring to the salt to create a new medium for children to experience and paint with or to create a work of art.

Ice Cube Painting

Category Art and Craft

Use ice to paint with in this activity.

A hand print keep sake which includes a poem. 

Jelly Art

Category Art and Craft

A tasty art activity using jelly.

Dotty Art

Category Art and Craft

Create dot art using cotton buds.

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