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Rainy Winter Cloud

Category Art and Craft
Create a rainy cloud using cotton wool and blow painting as the rain drops.

Children will enjoy creating these sparkly winter paintings using paint, glue and salt.

This craft-based activity reminds children of the cultural meanings and significance of the colours that make up the Aboriginal flag and the Torres Strait Islander flag.

Children can use their creativity to draw a picture on a plate for their loved one.

A colourful flower pot that is easy for children to create as a gift for special occasions.

Bubble Art

Category Art and Craft

Children will enjoy blowing bubbles, watching them pop onto paper to make their own bubble art!

Pop balloons filled with paint to create unique colourful splatter art.

Splatter Painting

Category Art and Craft

Children will enjoy banging wooden spoons to watch the paint splatter to create works of art. 

Arrange flowers and petals in a design on contact paper to create a stained glass effect.

Children can collect flowers and leaves to pound to make colourful prints.

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