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Learning emotional regulation in the early years is not only important to become better-adjusted adults but has been found directly related to higher levels of academic achievement in later life. An integral step in emotional regulation is the identification of…
Holi is celebrated on 18 March. It is an Indian Hindu festival of colours. As it celebrates in spring, it is called the “Festival of Spring.” In India, it is a holiday, celebrated wide across the country. Children also celebrate…
Children begin to learn that music and movement communicate messages and represents actions. Music naturally delights and moves most children. Throughout the early childhood years, children are learning to do new things with their body and music and movement encourages…
The e-safety Early Years Program has been designed to support and improve online safety for children.
Cool Australia has partnered with Ludo Studio to create a range of Bluey educational resources for teachers and educators.
Sensory experiences enable children to use their senses to explore and manipulate objects.
Sand and water each provides children with many learning experiences. While playing with sand, it provides children with options to shape, rake, shovel or build with the sand. Water gives the children options of splashing, pouring and mixing.
Languages of our Land is an active learning Interstitial series sharing and teaching the Aboriginal language of Yugambeh, located in South East Queensland.
Kindness is an important tool that we should instil in all, especially children. It should be a habit. Kindness comes from the heart and promotes happiness in all. Here is a list of acts of kindness that children can complete.…
Incursions provide children with the opportunity to explore meaningful learning experiences in the comfort of their early childhood service. The following provides a directory of incursions for your early childhood service.
Playdough is such a versatile material. It provides numerous benefits to children as they manipulate it, it is safe and soothing and provides children with a satisfying sensory experience.
Friendships, bring pleasure, comfort, and important opportunities to learn and develop in a social world. Friends, help children feel good about themselves, help the child adapt more easily to early childhood environments and help the child build self-confidence.
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