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Teach Children The Aboriginal Language Of Wiradjuri Through Games And Activities

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Teach Children The Aboriginal Language Of Wiradjuri With Free 2 Workbooks

The following free workbooks are designed to allow the best opportunities to learn the Wiradjuri language and culture through games and other learning activities. Wiradjuri is one of many Aboriginal languages on the East Coast of Australia.

Resources included: 

Learn Wiradjuri: Volume 1 Ngumbaay

Volume 2 Bula - Family Terms, Body Parts and Colours

  • Wiradjuri – Sounds & Words
  • Wiradjuri – Family Terms
  • Kinship
  • Wiradjuri – Body Parts
  • Wiradjuri – Colours
  • Wiradjuri – Symbols & Tracks
  • Appendix - Wiradjuri – Sounds at a Glance 

The activities set out in this resource:

  • Connect children, parents and families together;  
  • Build understanding of Wiradjuri culture through language, symbols and tracks; 
  • Teach how to describe family terms, Kinship, body parts and colours in language;  
  • Include practical and engaging activities, and; 
  • Feature written translations in Wiradjuri and English. 

Even though this resource is written using the Wiradjuri language and symbols, the activities can be used to connect children, parents and families together, whilst learning a little about the Wiradjuri culture, through our language, and symbols and tracks.

The Wiradjuri language used in this book has originally come from the dictionary developed by Uncle Stan Grant (Snr) and Dr John Rudder, without whom our Wiradjuri language would not have been documented for our ongoing teaching and learning.

The Wiradjuri language for these workbooks has also been developed by Diane Riley‑McNaboe in her learnings and teachings.

This workbook series would not have been produced without the sponsorship and support of Indigenous Studies and Aboriginal Education and the Research Centre for Children and Families, within the Sydney School of Education and Social Work, the University of Sydney; and SBS.

Developed as part of the ARC Linkage project Fostering Lifelong Connections for Children in Permanent Care (LP180101332). Additional funding was contributed by the One Sydney, Many People Indigenous Strategy of The University of Sydney.

For more information contact Research Centre for Children and Families, Sydney School of Education and Social Work at

For more information and to download the free workbooks: Learn Wiradjuri Workbook

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