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An easy and colourful science experiment that demonstrates to children how rain is produced.
A fizzling science experience that creates art during a chemical reaction.
Elephant toothpaste erupts a foam that children can create in this experiment that resembles toothpaste being squeezed from a tube.
Invisible Ink is a great science experiment that enables children to create invisible art and make it magically appear using lemon juice!
Dancing corn is a fun sceince experiment to do with toddlers and preschoolers. Watch corn dance with a little kitchen chemistry.
This is a fun song about using an umbrella when it's raining outside.
This song explores both the sounds and rhythm of the rain.
This is a simple song that is sung in the tune of Frere Jacques. This song can be sung using actions or with some percussion instruments to make the sounds of rain and thunder.
This counting song is about puddles and enables children to count from 1 to 12.
This is a simple rhyme about rain for young children. It is about rain falling from the sky and the flowers growing after the sun comes up.
Hot chocolate oobleck is a great sensory experience that children will enjoy playing with.
A bright pink healthy dip that children will enjoy during snack time.
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