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Straw threading will improve a child’s hand-eye coordination and improve their focus and concentration and develop their vocabulary.

Through this experience children are going to explore their imagination skills by making accessories like bracelets, necklaces anklets. All this they are going to do with pieces of straw. This will be working on their hand-eye coordination and cognitive skills as well.

This is an activity where the children will develop their fine motor skills and also improve their focus and concentration. It is a very simple activity where the children will learn to make various patterns using straws. 

This interesting and simple activity for children, enables them to make shapes using straw pieces and playdough. This will improve the child’s ability to recognise shapes and develop their fine motor and cognitive skills. 

This simple activity enables children to use coloured rocks to create the ATSI flags.

Top Drop

Children drop bottle tops into slots around the tin to develop their fine motor and hand eye co-ordination skills.

A simple activity that strengthens children's finger muscles as they peel tape off animals.

An easy and fun way for babies and toddlers to practice their fine motor and hand/eye coordination skills by grabbing and pulling items through a kitchen whisk. 

Aqua Sand

 Waterproof sand that reacts to liquid, enabling children to build underwater creations.

Pop balloons filled with paint to create unique colourful splatter art.

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