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his template can be used as an end of year report.
This is a 13-page template that enables you to collect recipes from families to create a cookbook to share.
In a mixed age group of children, an educator who is caring for one age range of children can also be counted against another age range of children, as long as the ratio for each age range is maintained and adequate supervision is maintained at all times.
Under regulation 126 of the National Regulations, qualification requirements for educators at a centre-based service, 50% of educators must have or be actively working towards, an approved diploma level education and care qualification (or higher).
This template can be used as an end of year template for children at the service.
Conducting performance reviews is an effective way to recognise and reward individual educators contributions within the service.
This template can be used as a yearly report for individual children.
This template is to be given to each child at the end of the year.
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