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In the event of closures, childcare providers can access grants through the $14 million Community Child Care Special Circumstances Fund to help cover costs, including wages.
The following article outlines your workplace entitlements and obligations if you're affected by the outbreak of coronavirus.
The Birthday Poster template can be used to celebrate a child's birthday.
When programming and planning for school-age children it's important that you focus on children's strengths to extend on their learning and to support areas of need, include groups of children as well as individual children, create documentation that is meaningful to families, accessible and provides clear evaluations on children's learning and development, offer a variety of experiences based on children's…
The Let's Talk template supports Educators in communicating effectively when they may have an issue or concern with one another.
Auto Save feature is now available in Appsessment App. This automatically saves changes you have made when completing your documentation to prevent losing your data when you forget to save it, accidentally click the back button, loss of internet connectivity or if your computer freezes or crashes. The AutoSave function will help you in recovering the lost data. This will…
The Educator Shoutout template is used to motivate and acknowledge an individual educator for something positive they have done at work.
Using a parachute with a group of children is a fun way to release energy, develop social skills and you can also adapt it to indoors on rainy days or during hot weather.
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