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The following free Child Observation Posters provide a range of different observation methods that can be used when observing children.
Start the day off with a happy and positive morning using these Non Contact Morning Greeting Posters.
The following article provides information on Using Evidence When Applying For Grants, Using Evidence To Support Your Claims, Types Of Evidence, Collecting Evidence and more.
The following free posters list a child's weakness (negative trait), turned into a strength.
These feelings posters provide a visual representation of a specific feeling.
The following free posters, provides an overview of 11 popular child theorists, a brief description of their theory and how their theories are implemented into practice within the early childhood environment.
The Supporting Doc QA6 template provides a checklist of documentation that is required in order to achieve Quality Area 6 - Collaborative Partnerships With Families and Communities.
The following Positive Affirmations enables you to read them along with children.
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