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AppsessmentĀ - Digital Documentation App for Educators and ParentsĀ has now been updated to Version 2.10 which has a lot of new features. Appsessment is a Childcare App for all LDC, FDC and OSHC centres so you can manage your child documentation, parent updates, educator updates, daily records and checklists, all in one place.
For Educators, ECT's and Trainees earning minimum wages in their respective Award, as of 01 July you will receive a 3% increase. Check your increased wages in the relevant wage table available in each of the Articles below.
We are offering 40% Off all Premium Subscriptions! This week only! Download over 200 Templates at 40% off! For LDC, FDC and OOSH Services, we have templates for all your documentation needs, including Half Yearly Reports, Portfolios, Learning Stories, Observations, Curriculum Plans, Checklists and much more! Available in both PDF and MS Word versions! Limited Time Only! Hurry Don't miss…
The I Play I Grow I Achieve is a template that informs Parents of their child's experiences, achievements and friendships while at the service. It can be used as a half-yearly/yearly report that lets Parents know about their child and what they do during their time at the centre. Click the link to download: I Play I Grow I Achieve
It's important to teach children about sustainability through hands-on experiences, for them to grasp an understanding of what it involves.
The Policy Template is used by the service to describe the guidelines or rules to be followed by Educators and Parents. It is an integral part of documentation and is required to meet legislative requirements. Click the link to download: Policy Template
The All About Me is a cute template to add to a child's portfolio that details their likes. It helps children with their sense of self by answering simple questions. This template can also be used as part of a display which enables children to get to know each other, similarities and differences. Click the link to download: All About…
Appsessment, the Childcare App for Educators, has a new update and you can now generate Daily Information Widgets Reports and Attendance Reports. You can generate reports based on dates that list each child and their record entries on that date (or) based on a child with a listing of each date and its daily records in a nice table format.With…
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