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The Coronavirus Info Update template is a free template that can be used to inform Parents and Staff within the service of important information regarding the coronavirus.
The Let's Talk template supports Educators in communicating effectively when they may have an issue or concern with one another.
The Educator Shoutout template is used to motivate and acknowledge an individual educator for something positive they have done at work.
The Brag Bands template enables educators to reinforce positive behaviours by writing a positive message on the bands and attaching around the child's wrist like a bangle.
The Valentine Family Heart template gives families an opportunity to participate in the program with their child by decorating a heart for Valentine's Day. The family can decorate however they would like along with their child at home. Then return it back to the centre for it to be displayed within the room. The Valentine Family Heart is a nice,…
The Reminder Watches are to be used to send reminder messages to the children's parents. Each watch template comes with a text field where a reminder message can be written, then print it out, cut it and glued onto the child's wrist so they can pass on the message to their parent once they get home. A simple and cute…
Our latest template "Calendar 2020" is a calendar of monthly cultural celebrations and community events that will take place throughout Australia and worldwide each month. These celebrations and events can be acknowledged and adapted to suit the needs of the children and the families within the service. Click on the link to download this new 12 pages template: Calendar 2020 
The "Educator Thank You Poem" is a FREE template and is a certificate for Educators that recognises, appreciates and celebrates Educators and the hard work that they do.
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