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"Behaviour Management Plan" template is now available for educators in Long Daycare, Family Daycare and OOSH centres. This template is to be used to plan and develop strategies to support a child’s behaviour. When a child is having difficult behavioural issues and all other means have been exhausted, you will need to develop a behaviour management plan. Before developing the…
The Biting Observation template supports Educators to detail biting incidents that occur within the room. It helps to keep track of the incident, what happened and strategies implemented. Having a separate observation for biting can assist Educators in finding a pattern of the biting behaviour and the best way to manage it. Click the link to download: Biting Observation 
The Milestones Achieved template can be used as an observation, for child assessment or for half-yearly/yearly reports to detail the milestones that a child has achieved in each developmental domain.
The Outdoor Play Learning Story template can be used for an individual child or a group of children. Educators can write a learning story on what experiences the children engaged in during outdoor play while using a storytelling approach to describe what happened. Click the link to download: Outdoor Play Learning Story 
The Dinosaur Learning Story can be used to detail an experience that the children participated in. When writing a learning story, focus on what the children can do and describe the children's learning process. This Dinosaur Learning Story can are also used as an assessment tool in interpreting a child’s learning habits that take place during the experience. This helps…
The Linking Outcome 3 Observation template is for Educators to use to observe children.
The All About My Mum template can be used to celebrate Mother's Day.
The Linking Outcome 2 Observation template is for Educators to use to observe children.
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