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The Getting To Know You template is for Parents to fill in details about their child. Educators can use these responses to plan the program as well as to plan for individual learning of the child according to the responses given by the parent. Click the link to download: Getting To Know You
The Educator Tidbits template is a great way for Educators to share their favourite Resources with others.
The Birthday Book Donation is a free template. It is a letter to Parents that encourages them to donate a "birthday book" to your room rather than bring in a cake/treats to share with the group of children on their child's birthday.
The All About Me Banner is a great way to learn about each individual child.
Due to users requests, we have created this template.
The Love Is template is for children to share what love means to them.
The I Choose You is a free template for Valentine's Day.
The My Birthday Book can be given to children when they are celebrating their birthday.
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