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Celebrate National Pyjama Day On Friday 22 July

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Celebrate National Pyjama Day On Friday 22 July

National Pyjama Day is on Friday 22 July. It's a day for Educators and children to wear your favourite pair of PJ's to help The Pyjama Foundation raise awareness and funds for children in foster care.

With the money raised from National Pyjama Day, we can help support the learning skills to more than 1000 children, fund educational resources and help provide stable, positive relationships.

How To Get Involved

  • Encourage the children and Educators to come dressed in their pyjamas for the day and donating a gold coin
  • Register your centre in hosting a Pyjama Day at your service: National Pyjama Day
  • Learn the importance of how much sleep a person needs and the effects it can have on our bodies.
  • Host a Pyjama Dance party in your service during movement time
  • Have a Pyjama Day Photobooth for the children
  • Read children's stories about pyjama, bedtime and dreaming:
    - Lama Lama Red Pajama
    - Pajama Time 
    - The Going-To-Bed Book
  • Hosting a pyjama movie time - where the children and rug up in their blankets and watch an educational movie. 

Download the free National Pyjama Day Certificate to give to children that participate in National Pyjama Day. 

You can also download the National Pyjama Day Portfolio Template which enables you to write about what happened during National Portfolio Day and add photos of the days events. 

For more information, please read the following: National Pyjama Day Foundatio

Last modified on Monday, July 18, 2022
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