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Celebrate OOSH Educators Day On Wednesday 27th July

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Celebrate OOSH Educators Day On Wednesday 27th July

National Out of School Hour Care Educators Day is the annual National day to celebrate and recognise the important role Educators play in the lives of children.

It is coordinated by the Network of Community Activities and member organisations of NOSHSA (The National Association for Out of School Hours Care in Australia).

2022 Theme

This year’s theme is OOSH Educators: Rising to every challenge.

2022 has already presented many challenges for Educators in our sector. It is our aim to raise awareness of the important role OOSH Educators play and why you matter; in your school and family communities, and with government and other decision-makers.

On Wednesday, July 27th let’s celebrate together by sharing your stories and the outstanding contribution you make to the lives of children.

Ways To Say Thanks

Free Thankyou OOSH Educator Certificate - The Thankyou OOSH Educators is a free template. It's a thank you for children to fill in about an Educator at their OOSH Service which then can be given to that OOSH Educator.

The Educator's Certificate Of Appreciation - is a free template and it's to be used to recognise and appreciate educators working at the service. 

OOSH Educators Day Crayons - The OOSH Educators Day Crayons template is a fun poem to gift to OOSH Educators that are part of the team. 

Educator Thank You Poem - The Educator Thank You Poem is a FREE template and a certificate for Educators that recognises, appreciates and celebrates Educators and the hard work that they do. 

Sending Smiles - Sending Smiles is a free template. This enables children and Educators to send smiles to each other for the day or at the end of the week. 

Quotes For Educators Posters - Here are 17 positive motivational quotes for Educators that can be displayed in the staff room. These can be used to inspire and boost the morale of Educators throughout the day. 

Staff Awards - The Staff Awards are a set of 13 Awards that can be awarded to staff at the end of the year. It's a little fun to spread amongst the Educators and to boost morale.

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