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International play specialist Marc Armitage from the UK touring WA for Educators to attend a Professional Development session on Risky Dodgy Play, The Benefits of Playing Outside and Experimenting With Elements of Danger.

Everyone is invited to celebrate Gai-mariagal Day on Saturday 28th, at Georges Heights. It is being hosted by Harbour Trust as a program of reconciliation week in Mosman which is the homeland of the Borogegal People. The program also helps you to understand Sydney’s First Nation Cultures. 

On 30th May, Play Australia will be conducting a free webinar for Educators on risky play. Educators will have the opportunity to see examples of risky play in action outdoors and how this is shared with families and reflected upon within the educating team. 

On Monday 23 May, join the Department Of Education. for a free webinar, to gain insight into the regulatory perspective on the reason we do assessment and rating, including a spotlight on self-assessment.

The free webinar provides a range of offerings to support the understanding and embedding of trauma-responsive practices across early childhood services including recognise and responding supportively to signs of trauma in children, use of best-practice approaches to how children, families and the community can recover from trauma, development of tools to differentiate between the developmental milestones of children impacted by trauma and the different indicators of trauma to identify the developmental areas in need of support and more. 

On Wednesday 25 May 2022 join ARACY for a webinar with guest speakers William Tilmouth and Jane Vadiveloo from the Children’s Ground to discuss their work in bringing Indigenous languages and practices to the forefront in their Early Childhood Care and Education programs.

On Wednesday 25th May 2022, at 11:00 am is National Simultaneous Storytime. The book this year is Family Tree authored by Josh Pyke.

A free recorded webinar on Positive Behaviour Support is available for Educators to watch. Regional Coordinators for Inclusion Support at One Tree Community Services answered questions about Positive Behaviour Support.

Margaret Trembath Scholarship, 2022 is now open in Australia. All educators and organisations are being invited to apply for the scholarship. The amount of the scholarship is $20,000. This scholarship is to support research in young children’s learning, development and/or well-being. This scholarship is dedicated in the name of Margaret Trembath to pay honour to her.

Harmony Week is a celebration of multiculturalism. It’s a week of coming together to show respect for other cultures, a sense of equality and inclusiveness and belonging. This year Harmony Week will be celebrated on and from 21st  March to 27th March 2022

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