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From the 1st July, the Fair Work Commission has just announced an increase of the national minimum wage to 2.5% in Awards. Some allowances in some Awards will also change as a result of this increase. 

As a childcare worker in Australia, your pay rate falls under the Children’s Services Award 2010. This award states the minimum amount that an employer can pay you based on your qualification and your position while working in an early learning centre.

According to the Children’s Services Award 2010, all employees’ fall under a classification structure, this determines their minimum wage. Each “level” gives a definition on what is expected of the employee, qualifications required and the duties the employee should perform in order to be paid at that particular level. Below is the list of classifications for each level.

Is programming time included in your ordinary hours? Should you be paid overtime if a parent is running late to pick up a child? Staff meetings are compulsory, do you get paid?

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